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Kris So Blue  Kris ♍ Single BLUE,EDM,COUNTRY MUSIC P.L.U.R. ✌❤👏☝ #ILiftBro💪 #BartenderStatus🍺🍻 Facebook: Kris Rangel Snapchat: Landshark47 #COLTSTRONG💪
For more info on the location for service for my dad follow up with the link.

For everyone who is wanting to come pay respects to my dad and to the family
Services will be taking place on Sunday @Hawkins funeral home in Donna, Texas
2pm-9pm will be for public viewing
I know my dad touched many lives over the years & I don't have access to everyone
I am askin all of my Rio Hondo family, friends, and coaches plus everyone viewing this to please share so everyone can have a chance to pay their respects.

Today has been extremely difficult knowing that you are no longer around. I feel as if I'm in a dream and I am going to wake up and you will be there.
From the time I was born to today, I knew you'd be there for me always. Just didn't know you'd be gone too soon.
I love you dad

Havin some fun with the snapchat and mixing it up tonight
Come see me @oaktexbar downtown 17th st.
#OakTexasBar #McAllen #DowntownMcAllen

Come check out @OakTexasBar
Downtown McAllen 17th St.
Music playin, neon lights shinin, and ur bartender mixin the best up for ya!
#DowntownMcAllen #OakTexasBar

Someone done fkd up, cheap, rotten, and low for someone to do this to me
What a coward 😒

Put my name on your lips , call me yours and forget all this drama...
#TexasGuysDoItBetter #YEEYEE


Welcome to the Colts family, RB Nyheim Hines!!!
Def need somebody like this in the backfield and on special teams
#WeAreColtStrong #IndianapolisColts #RBGameStrong

Wedding ready
We killed it the whole time... 🤠
#CountryBoysDoItBetter #Bromance #ShowedEmHowTejanosDoWeddings

Yee Yee
@southernjunctionlive was freakin awesome this week
Will def be going back....

YEE YEE!! Got some new boots
#Boots #Texas #Cavenders ##CountryBoys

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