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Kriss MacDonald  A wild & slow life in a hidden valley surrounded by woods in West Sussex, England. #botanicaldreamers


"What colour is in a picture, enthusiasm is in life" Vincent van Gogh

Hoping to find time to head to the dreamy dahlia field this week. Just wish I had more hours in the day!

It's that time of year when leaves, fruits and flowers start blending in together. All gathered from my garden, hedgerows and our valley this weekend.

As you know I've fallen in love with making floral and nature flatlays. I'd like to thank my wonderful community here of creatives, nature and flower lovers and photographers who've inspired me to start work on a range of fabrics and prints from them. #whpmadewithlove #thisismycommunity

As Autumn approaches and brings in its fairy tale colours, I'm still trying to find my groove and work routine.
Happy Wednesday x

Late summer vibes still clinging on in the garden.
Today I'm going to keep myself distracted with some digging, cutting and weeding in the garden as I've been anxiously watching Hurricane Irma. My brother and his wife and my niece live in Miami so sending them postive vibes - they first headed to the west coast but then had to move back when the path started heading that way!! xxx Memories coming back of being evacuated with my twins when Hurricane Sandy hit xx

It's happening...or should I say they're falling. Actually rather excited as I'm pretty sure the yellow heart/diamond shaped leaves are from a black poplar. Also maples and oak leaves here.
The Black Poplar (Populous nigra) is now very rare in England. According to one of my tree books, arrows of this wood were found on the wreck of Henry VIII 's Mary Rose ship so had survived 400 years under the sea. I need to go back to this area near our home and find the tree to confirm it's identification!

Dahlia lollipop anyone? What's your favourite flavour? Some colour on a very grey and drizzly day. Last day of my twins summer holiday. And wishing everyone in the US a fabulous and hopefully sunny Labour Day xx

I went on a long walk this morning in the valley and woods by our house. Some of my findings here are Devil's -bit Scabious (Succisa pratensis ), Tufted Vetch (Viccia cracca ), Wild Teasel (Dipcasus fullonum) and Bittersweet also known as Woody Nightshade (Solanum dulcamara ). I love recording, learning and finding out about seasonal wild flowers. #whpgreatoutdoors
The teasel seeds are now food for wild birds and the Devils bit Scabious is a food plant for the Marsh Fritillary Butterfly. The woody nightshade has purple flowers followed by poisonous red berries.
And hurrah my dahlias are finally flowering - all mine here apart from the one on the far right.
I'm off for a weekend away and party tonight while my twins are at camp xx

"Try to remember the kind of September when life was slow and oh, so mellow" Tom Jones

So I've been like a kid this week out non stop with my twins - up and down water flumes, putting a new fern roof on the den in the woods, splashing through streams, stained fingers from blackberries in the hedgerows....and getting them ready for cub scouts camp and start of school next week.
Here are roses from my garden and from the hedgerows - honeysuckle, rose hips, blackberries, elder berries, sloes and hawthorns.

Happy September!

A field of dreams...well actually dahlias.

Not too far away from us there is a field of dahlias where I buy huge bunches. If you're wondering how I could have cut up my dahlias for my last post, Richard at @withypitts kindly let me have some of the ones he was dead heading on my last visit.

Can you believe August is almost over?

Update - finally put some pix in my Stories! !!

Imagine if dahlias and orchids grew alongside roses and fruit on a climbing flowering vine..... What flowers would you want on an imaginary late summer flowering vine? #whpimagine
The vine and green fruit is from my Japanese quince (Chaenomeles ) - i've also included sweet peas, blackberries, cosmos, physalis 'lanterns' in the flowering vine.
And yeah the sun is out this bank holiday weekend so we're going to be outdoors all day.

"Each one of us has the chance to be a rainbow in somebody's cloud." Maya Angelou
I finally have had a few hours on my own this morning - first of all an early rise and now quietness in the house. A couple more weeks of summer madness still ahead..

Late summer gatherings from my garden and hedgerow. Beware there's some poison too ( Woody nightshade also known as Bittersweet - the purple flowers and red berries above the honeysuckle on the left ). A little bit of wild on the left while pinks and purples still hold sway among the garden flowers. Are you noticing the season change this August?

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