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Kriss MacDonald  A wild & slow life in a hidden valley surrounded by woods in West Sussex, England. #botanicaldreamers

The sun is shining and the garden is brightening. Some May flowers from my garden.
I've added some garden photos in Stories.
After some hectic days I plan on a slow day gardening and a long walk in the woods.

We can all have a second bloom.
I went to London to meet up for what was an amazing and long lunch with journalist friends that I've known for 20 years. Some are still working hard at making sure we know what's happening in our world and others have found new paths. Big hugs Alli @rapprojectuk and Lisa @forestgardenshovelstrode and @dutchstef .
And this is a Camellia williamsii 'Roya' . It surprised me this week by giving me one beautiful double bloom unexpectedly.
Have a beautiful weekend my gorgeous friends xx

Thursday already!
Starting at the top row - apple blossom petals, apple blossoms, two rows hawthorn blossoms pink and white, veronica, alkanet, forget me nots, speedwell, cuckooflowers and petals.
Must join in @ehpyle new hashtag #ihavethisthingfortinyflowers

"But here it is worth noting a minor English trait which is extremely well marked though not often commented on, and that is a love of flowers." George Orwell. And tea.

Wild at heart

Happy Mother's Day - with special wishes and love to my mother - who's visiting my sister in the US, my sister and my mother - in - law in Canada xxxx ( I was spoilt on mothers day here in UK earlier this year 😍) One of the special things about our home and where we live is all the wild flowers. So i had to gather Wild flowers from my home for this heart wreath. Includes wild dog roses, white and red clovers, pink and white hawthorn blossoms, oxtail daisy and daisy, spotted medick, speedwell, buttercups, forget me nots.

""The Scarlet Pimpernel, Mademoiselle," he said at last, "is the name of a humble English wayside flower; but it is also the name chosen to hide the identity of the best and bravest man in all the world.." (The Scarlet Pimpernel by Emmuska Orczy )
The Scarlet Pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis) must be one of my favourite wild flowers - it first shows up every year in May on the path by our fence, easily overlooked. It only opens up in the sun and closes when it's overcast.
Do you have a favourite wild flower?

The first wild roses - the Dog rose (Rosa canina) started blooming in our hedgerow and red clover is all over our drive.
The red notebook is one of many notebooks I've ordered from lovely @susannah.mead

The magical time of the bluebell season is slowly coming to an end in my garden and in the woods around us.

I'm trying out the swipe for the first time! Second image was in the woods by us this week and third is a mix of bluebells and greater Stitchwort.
Meanwhile I'm actually very happy it's raining today as my garden needs a good soak! Happy Friday xx

For me this is a perfect spring flower bed...I dream of some day having one like this in my garden.
I visited this garden at Gravetye Manor this week - famous as the home of William Robinson considered 'The Father of the English Flower Garden ' xx

Some gatherings of garden and wild flowers. Have a wonderful day xx

Includes Veronica, geranium Rozanne, white clovers, violets, borage, Greater celandine, forget me nots, green alkanet, daisy, ransom flowers, winter cress, speedwell, buttercup, bluebells, ribgrass, lesser periwinkle, comfrey, yellow archangel and more!

As the bluebells fade, yellow archangels appear in ancient woodlands. Yellow archangel - Lamiastrum galeobdolon - also known as Weasel's Snout or Yellow Nettle, is one of the indicator species of ancient woodlands, that is they've been around since before 1600. Other species in the south of UK which are evidence of ancient woodlands are bluebells and wood anemones.

I'm lucky as I'm surrounded by ancient woodlands and can observe the different wild flowers as the seasons changes.

Sorry about my recent silence, do you know that feeling when time does not seem to be your own?

A time for dreams and flowers... There are only rose buds in my garden now but soon they'll awaken ( these roses were from a florist) but the rest is from my garden and hedgerow. Lady's Mantle leaves around the central rose, plus rose leaves, cow parsley. Petals from my wilting tulips, apple blossoms, hawthorn blossoms and leaves, bluebell flowers, green alkanet blue flowers and some tiny forget-me-nots. I have a plan... #whpdreambig

May the 4th be with you! This week I've been gathering tree blossoms near us. The three flower clusters are from the Horse Chestnut tree (Aesculus hippocastanum). It was introduced from Turkey to Britain in the 16th century and later produces conkers which are a favourite of children. I also found a Red Horse Chestnut (Aesculus carnea) with its red blossoms (branch with leaves on my open Garden Shrubs and Trees book. The white blossoms on the left are from the Hawthorn, also known as the May tree. The hedgerows by my garden are full of its blossoms now. Leaning against the wall are Apple tree blossoms from an old tree (Malus domestica) on our dirt lane. The purple hydrangea is a gift and the little red blossoms on the left are dried flowers from my Japanese quince.

I started recording and writing about my nature finds quite a few years ago in my blog. One of my aims was to teach my twins - and myself! - how to observe and identify nature around us. We started this when we lived two years in the US and I started creating spotter sheets for them. I've included in the bio a post from my May nature diary on leaves and plants for kids to spot in a US marshland forest. I really need to start posting again as @anniespratt has a wonderful hdygg link up on her blog which has also helped me over the years learn so much about flowers from the wonderful community who join in such as @stayandroam . @coombemill ''s Country Kids on her blog is also great for ideas on nature and kids.

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