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kris misevski  Photographer. Guitar Junkie. Rock N' Rolla. Columbus, Ohio. (DM to shoot) all images ©krismisevski .

Willie Phoenix

Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and Kisses

Cat Cayenne

Backstage Pantera, circa 95/96.

Accidental double exposure - cuz we were liquored up and used the same roll of film twice. Me and Vinnie Paul circa 1996. One of the funnest weekends ever! Rest well, brother.


Riffin' on Eddie. Reppin' on @witchsiren.

Crazy Train (WAY too fast backing track)

This is my friend Mim Chenfeld. She started Comfest with 2 other people in 1972 in a parking lot. She's a wonderful human being & very humble. Should you see her walking around Goodale Park this weekend, stop her & say "thank you".

Comfest B-Boy