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Kristin Klingshirn  Member of The Bert Show. I post lots of pictures of my dogs, you have been warned.

Good times were had by all on our @thebertshow #GoodwillDateNight. Thanks again to Noel and Shane Pauley for the idea that went viral on FB. @mootecomedy & @bertshowbert, all I have to say is you guys seriously werked it tonight. #vogue #strikeapose #fashun #lifeisshort #havefun

Gave my brother a label maker for his birthday. I think he's enjoying it. 😂

Hair goals.

Like I was gonna forget about #nationalicecreamday. Some say eating an ice cream cone while on a road trip is dangerous but I look danger in the eye and say, "Cover dat bitch in chocolate." This one's for you, @maradavis2000. #cheers #conehand #hoteats #cooltreats #coolhandkristin

Harper is excited about her new baby brother. I'm excited I'm about my new nephew. Liam is off camera excited about his Rice Krispie treat...and his new baby brother. 😂 Congrats to my brother and sister-in-law! He's a keeper. ❤️

Pops and I are seeing @paulmccartney together for the first time. He gave me my love for The Beatles and I will be forever grateful. Abbey Road saved his life in Vietnam, therefore it's only fitting I treat him to a Sir Paul concert. Pops, thanks for loving me the way you do and thanks for sharing your love of classic rock with me. #thebeatles #popsandpaul #daddysgirl #inmylife #iloveyoumore

Wait for it...

BEHOLD! I can still shoot rainbows outta my ass. #bahamianunicorn

That moment when you change your flight and find a place on AirBnB so you can turn your #buddymoon into a #honeymoon. It was a good call. Amirite, @bartmattingly?

Buddymoons are the best. So much love, so many memories. ❤️

Happy 4th of July from paradise! #independenceday #happy4th #nofilter

I've struggled all day to find the right words....but they still elude me. Ziyonn, tonight all I can muster is I'm going to miss your sweet smile with all of my heart.

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