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Kris Kidd  🌴 young, hot, and hating it πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ booking: πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ booking:

The modern day "muse" is a joke, a two-dimensional abstraction devoid of autonomy and stripped of all intellect. The word itself has become a calling card of narcissism and self-aggrandizement, a seductive pickup line for manipulative male artists to use, misconstrue, and redefine at their will. The muse is only half-aware of this. It is a bottomless pit, a blank canvas ripe for projection, and it has no fucking clue how to do its own taxes or pay its own bills.

i've been having a mental breakdown for almost a decade now but i've been having it in a super cute way and that's what actually counts

WHITE SUPREMACY IS TERRORISM !! Neo-Nazis and members of the KKK do not deserve the right to feel safe and/or comfortable while expressing their hatred and racism! They SHOULD be scared to march and protest! (Please take a moment to check out to find ways to support anti-racism organizations in Charlottesville and across the country!)

the only thing i'm capable of doing in moderation is exercise and by "in moderation" i mean rarely at all, like, if u ever see me running there's honestly a 99.999% chance i'm being chased

i am over it and by "it" i mean absolutely fucking everything but anyway i'm really glad we got a chance to discuss this together thank u very much for attending my ted talk

oh wait we're still doing brunch ??

"The young girl does not age; she decomposes..." #Tiqqun πŸŒΈπŸ’ž

just being me and doing me staying in my own lane doing pretty bitch activities

no offense but drop it like it's hot

huge congrats to my favorite pornstar/author/daddy, @fiercedad, on the release of his sexy new anthology ! "Split Lips: Stories About Love & Sex" is available now on !! πŸ“šπŸ’•

i am so fucking sick of LA all i want is to marry a woodsmith or a man who hammers things and move to a remote farm where i can eat fresh berries and wear flowing white dresses and water all my chickens or whatever tf it is ppl do on farms

i've had this pimple on my forehead for so fucking long i s2g i'm gonna start charging it rent

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