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kris drayovitch  REALTOR with a heart for gathering people and curating beautiful events! lover of flowers, topknots, & taco tuesday.

Happy New Year, friends! Full disclosure: this photo isn’t brand new, but I’m posting it in an effort to be better at not hiding this year, and not apologizing for being me. Because I’m enough. And so are you. So bring it on 2018!

Still singing loud over here!! 🎶🎵 It’s only the fifth day of Christmas, y’all!! So, I’m curious...are you on Team #heckyesmytreeisstillup or Team #tookitalldownthedayafterChristmas?

What a season! Just wrapping up my first full year as a Realtor, been spending some beautiful time with my family, and continued building a team of incredible women who share skincare & makeup products that I’m a little obsessed with. To top it all off, some friends came to visit last week and we made gingerbread cookies for Christmas and I’m NOT mad about it.


Hi y'all, I'm Kris and this is my sweet girl Izzie Mae! I love tacos and I have a lot of hair, which I usually pile into a topknot. I don't show my face very often around here because, if I'm being totally honest, I have a love/not-so-much-love relationship with Instagram. I love it because it introduced me to one of my dearest friends (hay @savannahwilliams 👋🏼) and I think it has the potential to create incredible community! On the flip side, it also brings out some of my biggest insecurities. Anyone else feel me on that or nah? When I fall down the rabbit hole of scrolling, I often find myself walking away feeling like I'm not enough - not beautiful enough, not stylish enough, not funny enough, not talented enough...the list goes on. Just me? Mmmmk anyway, I'm working on those insecurities and am hoping to get to know more of YOU along the way! So tell me something about yourself, it can be a fun fact or a juicy secret, I just wanna know SOMETHIN'!! 😁 p.s. Photo credit to @brigettebillupsphotography aka the best photog ever!

These boots were made for walkin'.

Last month, I had the joy of creating the floral centerpieces for my dear friend Cara's wedding. So grateful for friends & clients who let me do my thing!! And for my assistants for the weekend @rltankersley & @jkennedywood!

Need a good gift idea for Mother's Day? Get her a photo rail from my friends @hurdandhoney and order her some prints from @artifactuprising. I gave several of these as Christmas gifts and I'm telling you - everyone LOVED them!

Beautiful lettering from @paperandposies for an anniversary shoot I was honored to create florals for. The love letter says: and I'd choose you, in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you and I'd choose you. Styled by @chicandprettyevents and captured by @juliannavarettephoto.

Sweet Wendy was a houseguest with Iz and I for a few days. She belongs to my parents and is the most cuddly punkin-head I've ever met! She's also an expert napper. Another fun fact? She was on the cover of the @grrntx calendar this year!

Hi sweet friends! 👋🏼 Long time no post, I know. I have some exciting news to share! I love everything about homes and finally decided, when I'm not busy helping people turn their houses INTO homes, why not help people BUY and SELL houses?! I'm loving it so far and would be more than honored to help anyone you know who is thinking about purchasing or selling a house - I'll take reeeal good care of them! 🏡

This was my second year participating in the #goodygoodygiftswap and I don't plan on stopping! These gifts are en route to Alabama to my patient swap mate @maxandmilaco. Hope you love them, Amanda!

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