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KRIS AQUINO  “To whom much is given much is expected in return.”

(Edited this video, thanks Abbie & Ernan for the additional visuals.) i’m getting ready to go to my TVC shoot- back to work. (we fixed my calendar so i’d have maximum 10 hour work days w/ a day off after every 4 days of work.) BUT i specifically asked for Saturday, September 22, and Friday, September 28 to be blocked off. @alvingagui bought tickets for us to be able to watch @eriksantos 15th anniversary concert & @reallysharoncuneta’s 40th anniversary concert. Very proud to be able to support both of them! I’m not allowed to mention what i’m shooting today BUT i hope they realize how grateful i am they waited 3 weeks for me to be HEALTHY for me to be at my best. Their patience, support, and understanding is much appreciated! ❤️💚❤️

Until we see you again... MAHALO

i promised myself- i would only invest in & give my name to products i haven’t only tried BUT wholeheartedly believe in & consistently use... i am too transparent & brutally frank to pretend. (Millennials- i love you- you replaced “tactless” w/ authenticity, and you made my life so much more pleasant.👼😘😍🤩) my sons & i have a few more nights in our happy place- sorry, i really needed quiet time for my physical & emotional health, because my 2018 Q4 will be super packed... THANK YOU for the initial SOLD OUT interest in SNAIL WHITE. I’ve loved the Whipp Soap for more than 18 months- i honestly didn’t know it was meant to just be a facial wash, we’ve been using it from head to foot because i loved the mesh container & i made it like a loofah to actually scrub my whole body. And for as long as my allergies were under control- my skin really had a healthy, natural glow. 💗💓💞💝 (when i edited i thought @beautymnl was clear, then at full screen my edited version didn’t have it clearly- we restock Saturday, Philippine time. Watson’s will have in NCR by September 21, 2018 & @lazadaph will have Snail White on September 24, 2018.)

(Through the Years as sung by @zsazsapadilla)... i got scared that i’d post this birthday greeting late so i figured best to be the 1st. @rbchanco is FAMILY. We have been working together for close to 8 years, but it is RB who really knows me inside out. As this video i edited will prove- i knew RB before the weight loss- searching through pictures i had stored in the cloud- i am so amazed at RB’s discipline... undeniably RB is beautiful but it is the GENEROUS LOVE & GENUINE CARING that has made kuya josh, bimb, and me adopt RB as our own... RB is the keeper of my most intimate secrets, and i have 100% trust that my heart is safe in RB’s care. RB is our favorite travel roommate- when kuya josh wasn’t well in HKG, it was RB helping me take care of him. When i wasn’t okay before we left, Bimb kept saying- “we need RB so you can be healthy.” It’s hard to promise forever- but RB is SURE of our love for my lifetime.

This is a belated happy birthday post, sorry i forgot that we are 18 hours behind 🇵🇭 time...i am blessed w/ love from people i work very closely with, because of the intimacy shared between a makeup artist & an actress/host/endorser really become the closest of friends... @juansarte has been in my life from the time Bimb was born, so it is safe to say we’ve developed a real friendship over these 11 years... thank you Juannie for the 100% faith you gave me from the @crazyrichasians audition all the way to our shoot in Singapore. Thank you for never wavering in believing that good things will happen for me regardless of how challenging the circumstances have been. i was trying to count how many countries, territories, not to mention Philippine provinces (we actually have completed Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao) we’ve traveled to together both for work & vacations and i hope i’m accurate: numerous trips for shoots in Thailand, Japan, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, and recently Indonesia. I only pray for more blessings for a truly gifted & highly respected master of his craft. With much love & appreciation from my whole heart. (Song is Thanks to You by Kris Lawrence from my Universal Records album The Greatest Love)

it’s been 10 days or so that i purposely took a break from posting... i think by now you know me enough that i am the person who lives in the here & now, very rarely have i posted throwback pictures or videos-maybe because that’s been my source of resilience: i haven’t let my past define or confine me... but i’ve had time for myself, to just read, watch CNN & the US Open, sleep, go to Church, walk, eat in the favorite restaurants of my sons in what we consider our “happy place”... i personally edited this video (song is by @jedmadelaofficial from my Universal Records album My Life’s Journey)- thank you @paanipedro for finding footage from my 1st beauty soap endorsement from 30 years ago... it is part of my journey to becoming the woman i am today, so i’m embracing it. It was a dream come true when my mom finally allowed me to do these commercials, and i hope i’ll inspire the younger generation in college or entering the workforce... i am now a partner in the Philippine distribution of Snail White from Thailand. The story of how that came about i shall save for a future @livelifewithkris streaming episode.
Being where we are now & after countless viewings of Nike’s Just Do It 30th anniversary “Dream Crazy” 2 minute ad, the messaging resonated so strongly w/ me: “because what nonbelievers fail to understand is that calling a dream crazy is not an insult, it’s a compliment.” I’ve always had big dreams, i kept believing & i kept working. And against all odds, i’m still here achieving them day by day...So please- DARE TO DREAM the biggest, craziest, most impossible ones. In God’s perfect timing, they do come true. 🇵🇭🇹🇭

“Got a chance to start again
I was born for this, born for this
It's who I am, how could I forget?
I made it through the darkest part of the night
And now I see the sunrise
Now I feel glorious, glorious...” (In our #happyplace for health & wellness... Embracing SERENITY & PEACE.)

Video clip of @jonmchu and @henrygolding from @channelnewsasia. We shot Colin & Araminta’s wedding here. (Caught my mistake- Astrid was so memorable for me because of the expression of dignity she had despite her marriage ending just before the wedding- and how Ah Ma held her hand as they walked in.) a peek at the beauty & complexity of @crazyrichasians “wedding scene” shot in @chijmes_sg 🇸🇬

The symbolism in this picture is perfect- they are my shield, my strength, my inspiration, and my reason for being. 💛#family

My soul baring truths:
1. When @crazyrichasians became the #1 movie in the 🇺🇸, that Monday night (August 20) after reading it earned $35.5M in the 5 days since Aug 15, i was so stressed & anxious that my BP was at hypertensive crisis level. There was FEAR that if it did poorly here, i’d be the logical punching bag & laughingstock.
2. I firmly decided to shut up about @crazyrichasians... as previously stated, the movie shouldn’t become a referendum on the moviegoers’ feelings about me and/or my family. It wouldn’t be right to see what was so instrumental in helping me regain MY SELF WORTH suffer because of association w/ me. PRAYERS & SILENCE were my best options. 3. Then like a dream friends started sending me pictures & videos of all seats taken cinemas, i read in messages the spontaneous cheers when Princess Intan walked in. 4. i reached out to Ms. Sionee Lagman, the marketing director of @wbpictures 🇵🇭 on Saturday to ask how the movie was doing? 5. i received this at 2:44 PM Monday: Sharing with you CRA’s 🇵🇭record breaking opening weekend box-office results as promised: CRA Op We box-office - P82.7M: Biggest Op We for a WB FIlm for 2018; Biggest All Time Op We for a Foreign/English RomCom. Congratulations. She updated me just now- 7 day total is ₱110M.❤️ 6. Just THANK YOU, not because of illusions about my contribution-but because my cameo appearance in a historically significant, phenomenally successful #1 Hollywood movie championing INCLUSIVITY for all Asians elevated Filipinos- 1 of us was chosen to be the only ROYAL in the fantasy world of CRAZY RICH ASIANS. 7. After portraying an orphaned girl pushing a “kariton” in her 1st movie 28 years ago, capping that roller coaster ride of hits & misses to portray a Princess resplendent in her real life family’s & democracy’s symbolic yellow- this girl was given her version of not just THE END but the magical HAPPILY EVER AFTER. 8. To all the Rachels, never allow the Eleanors to bully you. BE BRAVE because of your intelligence, personal achievements & your courage to LOVE.💛

Please know your heartwarming comments & posts have made me feel immeasurable GRATITUDE... i thank you for the effort to watch @crazyrichasians, some of you going multiple times w/ family, officemates, best friends, school barkadas, and your boyfriends & husbands... the eyewitness accounts of spontaneous applause & cheering in movie theaters nationwide when my character made her entrance in Colin & Araminta’s wedding, and most significant for me- the PRIDE you, the moviegoers felt in being FILIPINO during my few minutes portraying Princess Intan in @crazyrichasians-this feeling of SOLIDARITY for the sake of our NATIONAL IDENTITY will forever inspire me to strive harder to promote & protect our values, dignity, and grace as a people...walking into the light, with sunbeams filtering in, i embraced the blessing because for that moment- I WAS YOU, and YOU WERE ME. #ilovethephilippines 🇵🇭

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