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KRIS  MOTHER of Kuya Josh & Bimb; “Sasha Imperial” for now... SHOWING on July 11, 2018 i love you hater. #lovelovelove

i believe you all know that i am a faithful follower of my Creator, and prayers HELPED me so much in all aspects of my life. My friend @michaelleyva_ asked me to send a video greeting for Mother Encarnacion’s 85th birthday. i was really touched by her thank you message so i’m sharing it w/ you... Everything i’ve experienced shaped me- but it was my Mom who instilled in me that faithful prayer will give me much needed guidance & strength... And sharing my blessings will always give my existence purpose because that’s my best way to Honor God... it is a privilege that a simple video could make someone happy, and sobrang sarap ng pakiramdam that i have another person praying for me... Romans 8:28 NLT
And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them. (Good night everyone, early hair & makeup tomorrow because malayo ang shoot... i love Mother- na slight lecture ako sa request ko for #truelove, i guess she feels malakas man ang PRAYERS nya, wag na kong atrebida pa. 😅 See- kahit ang madre may #authenticity...) ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💝🌈

I love this Care Bear. Cooking webisode today powered by #Benby 🇵🇭, pharmaceutical plant tour tomorrow (travel is a bit far so i was asked to not specify w/c company), @samsungph shoot on Thursday, and finally cooking a simplified version of the krisy spaghetti on Friday powered by #Fiesta Spaghetti. Again- this is all #thankstoyou. #lovelovelove #gratitude 💝💝💝🌈

This is just the edited version of Kuya’s Japan birthday celebration... A longer glimpse into why we love 🇯🇵 so much is already uploaded on FB & YT... Thank you @nix722 for working on a Sunday so we could fix my work calendar- excited because we’re flying for endorsements & business partnerships in Bangkok 🇹🇭, HK 🇭🇰, and Indonesia 🇮🇩 all this July. #Asean #gratitude #lovelovelove 💝💝💝 🌈

Patient number 2 @erichgg took her medicines & is ready to sleep- sorry yung dapat magbantay mas mahaba ang tinulog na siesta than her. Good night from all of us.

Patient 1 is fast asleep. Thank God he felt better today.

Just a health update,@erichgg is asleep but i can tell she’s having a hard time breathing. ) Our doctor will check on her here at home soon as he finish his rounds.) This stressed mom will also sleep. Thak you for your kind prayers. Here’s to a healthy weekend for of us.

Patulog ako & saw naman my other “panganay”- sent me message, na ER in Bulacan while taping Blood Sisters. Severe asthma naman. I insisted for her to stay w/ us 1st para at least mabantayan ko silang sabay- Kuya & @erichgg. On my way to pick her up... Poor Dr. @ayenuguid will need to come again today for another housecall. #family #motherhood #myloves

Since 4 AM Friday when i found a lot of bloody baby wipes in the trash next to our toilet i have barely slept because i’ve been extremely worried about kuya josh’s gastro intestinal issues (i believe my fear is justifiable because both my Lola Ma & my Mom didn’t survive colon cancer.) Thank you Dr. @ayenuguid for the Friday night housecall & reassuring this beyond nervous Mom by explaining all the tests kuya will go through in the next few weeks. It also made me realize come what may, Kuya & Bimb really do come 1st in my life. Care Bears na about anything & everything else- i just pray they’ll be healthy & happy. #priorities #motherhood #family Signing off for the next few days, will 100% FOCUS on the 2 loves of my life.

Life has taught me enough to just “unplug” for a few days so i won’t post or react to things meant to agitate me that will later on waste my time explaining, deleting, or apologizing for... but then again i’m still a human being who innately hates being stepped on by people i know i haven’t shown any ill will or negativity towards whether publicly or privately... but really what can a #girlboss do, when life has made her so much wiser- that to engage in negativity will lessen her hard earned “value” & cheapen her well deserved respect in the business community? Sorry, but i’m too smart NOW to fall for the trap of shining my bright light on people who can’t stand the fact that the girl they were so excited to write off managed to do a “david”- she slayed & will continue slaying the goliaths & it is her present day PRIVILEGE to point out- she did it because she refused to be unjustly defeated without putting up a fight... She started from zero, battled CLEANLY & can rightfully claim that in the 🇵🇭- together w/ a brilliant team of never say die believers, created a new, profitable online platform... so in this case economic pragmatism will rule & she’ll be taking the higher ground & just say: I KNOW THIS ISN’T FOREVER- but while the numerous new endorsements, corporate partnerships, and licensing agreements continue pouring in- i will protect my people & my empire. And that means keeping quiet, being “care bears” to the haters & just allowing my new multi million ₱eso & US $ contracts do the talking for me. #truth #dignity #integity #wisdom #strength

It was a long & fruitful shoot for @unilab. Still a bit of traffic headed home. I know i have 1 of the best jobs in the world, i get to work w/ the super talented Direk @shutterin & our DOP, Mama @eelawbriones. My KCAP team really takes care of me- nakabantay my stylists (BOTH soon to be my wedding inaanaks) @boopyap & @kimiyap, @jonathanvelasco__ has been w/ me for a hard to believe 17 years, @alvingagui 14 years, @bincailuntayao for 10 years, and i always have fun doing the oncam eating w/ @rbchanco & @jacksalvador. TRULY feeling #loved. Good night.

COOL by Gwen Stefani:

Memories seem like so long ago
Time always kills the pain
Remember Harbor Boulevard (you can change Harbor Blvd to Aquino & Abunda 😘)
The dreaming days where the mess was made
Look how all the kids have grown, oh
We have changed but we're still the same
After all that we've been through
I know we're cool
I know we're cool
Yeah, I know we're cool... Every word of these lyrics will show you where we are right now... And really, when you can just laugh together again, that in itself is already a precious gift. #chill #movingforward #lovelovelove 🌈

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How time flies... Thank you @darrenespanto. Your version of “Somewhere Down the Road” is awesome.

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