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Ⱳelcome to my fantasy 𓆃  📽 change maker/creator/author 👣 solo-traveller from Germany ↠ SYDNEY ✹ ⫸ how I edit↠@kristhecatpresets ↡↡ new YouTube vid

There comes a time in some people's lives when they feel like they can't continue living the way they used to anymore.
There's >something< inside of us that yearns for more than the mediocrity of this endless everyday life loop. It craves for a deeper understanding of what life is all about. it wants to fly higher and discover what's beyond the horizon. we all know there's more to it, but the older we get, the more we forget because true wisdom is replaced by "knowledge" (manmade stories and distractions). If you have ever felt the need to break free from all of this, if you have felt called to explore, to remember, to finally understand, then I just want you to know: you're not alone with this. you're not the only one.
I'm in this with you.
If I had never started to question the world and the way most of us live, our standards, our ideals and choices, I would have never ever been able to follow my heart. If I had never understood that it's all just stories someone invented and the masses have adapted the same belief, I would have never realized that I can simply make a different choice and rewrite my own story. If I had never gotten into spirituality, I would have never learned about the BIGGEST POWER there is - our imagination. Our thoughts and feelings. love. passion. If I had never studied manifestation, I would have never been able to fulfill my dreams. If I had never dived deeper into my subconscious mind, my past traumas, my wounds and my pain, if I had never acknowledged and embraced my dark side, if I had never done all the inner work, I would have never been able to overcome my self-induced suffering.
If I had never dared to jump down into the rabbit hole, I would have never realized that we're all safe. always.
You don't need to remain stuck for the rest of your life. it's never too late.
there's so much more to it.
dare to go the unconventional path if thats where your heart leads you to.
dare to think outside the box.
dare to unfold.


DEAR LIFE, I TRUST YOU. 💫 |ad/anzeige|
Over the last few days, I felt very imbalanced and I cried a lot. Today I found an important answer and that is structure.
Structure is what keeps me sane.
I'm all about being crazy spontaneous, booking a one way ticket tonight, taking a plane tomorrow morning and sleeping on strangers' couches I met at the airport. been there, done that (true story haha). But what I need right now is some sort of structure in my daily life.
As much as I love living the self-employed full-time solo-travelling digital nomad life - I also love my routines. This lifestyle often sounds more fancy & glamourous than it is.
I'm always gonna keep it real with you. I love empowering you to believe in yourself, but I also share my struggles & how I deal with challenging situations. Because that's life - ebb & flow, as my dear friend @vega.hontas would say.
the universe always brings us exactly what we need - sometimes we need to go on a detour, and sometimes we need to suffer to grow & reach the next level of ourselves, for our ultimate good. sometimes, we need to get lost to find ourselves. and sometimes we need to cry to break through the pain in order to be as happy as never before.
I first needed to catch up with all the work that I had delayed for weeks due to preparing for my travels. I'm currently tidying up my whole life. All the To Dos in the back of my head contributed to my anxiety lately. It was just too much. And I wasn't able to relax until it's all done. I think I'm able to wrap it all up within the next two days. And thennnn.... gimme my morning AND evening routine back! 😍 I'm also gonna develop a proper work routine - which can be challenging when you make your own rules. But I got this.
Right now, I feel accomplished - because I've done my best and that is always enough.
Thank you life for teaching me every lesson I need to learn. I trust.

#solotravelling ✨ my beautiful rings are by @dayajewelry which is a jewelry brand that actually cares - they donate 10% of their earnings to UNICEF which is amazing. I absolutely adore their stunning boho designs. you can get 15% off with the code "kristhecat"💫

Provide for yourself first. |ad/anzeige| One of the most important things I have learned since moving out of my home country is to take enough time for myself each day. My time is self-love. And as we know, self-love is a necessity for a happy and content life. I started spending my mornings offline again - meditating, lighting candles, doing yoga, journaling, manifesting, and tuning into myself. I highly recommend everyone to take some time off each day to dedicate to self-love practices, no matter what that looks like. I'm currently learning to prioritize my own wellbeing, as nothing is as important as physical and mental health. Creating a sacred space for myself where I feel safe and comfortable is essentials for me. We all deserve to feel good, to relax, and to experience wellness. Life is not meant to be one big hustle. Enjoy yourself. You're worthy of self-love.
If you'd like to create a beautiful space for yourself that inspires you, I highly recommend you checking out @juniqeartshop to get your hands on some beautiful art for an affordable price. They sell the work of artists around the whole world - and being an artist/creator myself, I think it's amazing to support other fellow artists. You can get 25% off posters using the code "KRIS_THE_CAT25" - valid until 24.09.18💫 #juniqehome

It's like a muscle you can train.
recently, I've dealt with some anxiety as I told you in yesterday's post. sometimes I forget that it's okay. I'm here on my own, doing all of this alone. Sometimes I forget how damn courageous I really am.
It is always okay to feel. Because every feeling has a place. It's all valid.
But what I'm not gonna do is let fear stop me.
I mostly feel anxious when I'm in crowded hectic places, and - wow, Im not the only one. 80% of you said you're the same in my story poll yesterday. So I would love to give you some tips to make you feel better when you're anxious yourself. When I'm aware of feeling anxiety, I take a moment to breathe, zoom out and look at myself from a bird's perspective. where is the danger? Only in my head. there is no real danger. I'm okay. I'm safe. nothing's gonna happen. and then, I take the seriousness out of the situation. this has helped me many times. I'm just not taking it seriously anymore. perspective is everything + meditation and yoga and exercising in general make me feel stronger physically and mentally. And recently, I've been loving the CBD oil by @herbstrong. I've been taking it for a month now and I can literally feel how it relaxes my nervous system immediately. I wish someone had recommended this to me years ago, back in the days of regular panick attack. So I'm happy that I can recommend it to you now and hopefully help some of you who are struggling with anxiety yourself. And great news, I even have a discount code for you for 10% off your order: "KRIS10".
I am a big believer in the healing power of plants, as I'm convinced they have been placed here on purpose.
What are your best tips for overcoming anxiety? Let's help each other in the comments 🌿

It's not always easy. really. but I'd choose it over and over again.
sometimes I beat myself up for not being more courageous. For feeling anxious at times. But today, I feel proud.
I've been here for a week now.
So far, I've changed airbnbs three times, got locked in an elevator, lost my phone in an uber, lost my bus ticket, walked many many miles each day, visited the city center, visited the opera house, went shopping, visited bondi beach, bronte beach, tamarama beach, dealt with a crazy stubborn jetlag and some major anxiety, pulled an all-nighter to finish my new YouTube video, was recognized by people in the streets who follow me, got to know a few people here, did a ton of filming for my next video, approached a guy at the opera house (who happens to be a vegan videographer - ummm?! thanks universe), watched a sunrise and many sunsets, experienced waves of euphoria, and tears of fear, lots of doubts and worries, and so many happy moments.
Solo-travelling is not always easy. You need to deal with every challenge on your own, or rely on strangers. but I would choose it over and over again - cause this kind of freedom is priceless.
I can go wherever I want, whenever I want, for as long as I want, with whomever I want.
I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, for as long as I want, and with whomever I want.
I can be whoever I want to be, each day.
That's why I travel alone.🕊 But that doesn't mean it's all rainbows and cotton candy clouds.
I've felt extremely overwhelmed over the last two days because I was standing in my own way. because I believed in a story I invented myself, in my own head.
there's always a way out.
the way out is through.
I ain't givin up so easily. 😉
I've already become so much more courageous, self-confident and self-reliant within these few days. I'm grateful for every experience.
I'll upload another YouTube video in the next few days - sharing more about my journey.
Sometimes it's crazy how talking to you guys seems the easiest to me. thank you for being here, and for listening to my story.

I'm a saltwater ocean, learning to swim in my own waters. torn between waves of euphoria and tears of confession.
My masks have been washed away by what they call "intuition", as I stranded on the endless shore of what they call "coming home to yourself".
I am so happy; but not because of this place, but because I've realized it's not about this place.
It's about listening to my intuition, ALWAYS.
Germany has never been the problem. I first needed to leave to see this.
It's only been five days and I've already learned so much more about myself than I could have imagined.
I'm here for an adventure, right now.
But I'm gonna back myself up in the long run.
One of the most valuable lessons I've learned along my journey is not to stand in my own way, but to do what feels right to me no matter the expectations of others.
I'm so excited for this new chapter of my life. I'm in a new accomodation now and will stay here for two weeks - I haven't decided yet what I'm gonna do afterwards. This is as much of a surprise for me as it is for you.
So for all of you who haven't found it out yet, let's make it official: I'm in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.🇦🇺 Feel free to spam me with tips and recommendations of all kinds - food spots, hot spots, stunning nature, must-sees, etc. 🙏
I wanna meet you guys! How about having a meet-up?? 💫

Home is not a house, it's a feeling.
I'm home in the world;
a wanderer who has fallen in love with being unbound by time and space.
I build my nest wherever I go.
Sometimes I stay for a few days, and sometimes weeks or even months.
I have no desire to settle down,
but I might one day.
I never say never,
welcoming all possibilities,
open for every surprise.
I can't tell you where I'm gonna be in 10 years, and I don't need to know. But what I know for sure is that I'll be listening to my intuition, and that's what makes me happy.
embracing the unknown is an art of its own.
my favorite part about surrendering to uncertainty is that all doors open up, all limitations fall away, nothing is impossible.
here's to a life full of adventures, crazy stories, and a home I have found within myself.

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find out the big secret in my video ✈🌊💫 LINK IN MY BIO!
So.... here we go.
I'm freeing myself from the chains of conditioning bit by bit, decision by decision.
I've learned that being free is not a result of collecting things. It's a result of giving up on more and more things that are no longer serving me.
I only own what I carry with me in my suitcase and backpack. And I'm probably gonna get rid of/replace everything except for my work gear. I really don't need stuff to be happy anymore. the less I own, the more freedom I feel. Creative self-expression makes me happy. Exploring this beautiful world, meeting new people, learning and growing so much as an independent free woman, that makes me happier than any material possessions ever could.
I'm wandering because with every step I take I'm walking closer towards my most authentic self. I've been guided to this place purely by my intuition. ✨
The feeling I get here is priceless.
When I saw the ocean for the first time in almost a year, I felt like being a child again. A ridiculously happy child. My face hurts because I've just been smiling all day long. Do you know this feeling when a place lifts up your whole energy? This is exactly what I feel here.

My heart is full. ✨🗺
I'm leaving Europe tomorrow,
officially moving to the other side of the world.
I filmed my weekend at the @lollapaloozade festival for you guys, and I talked about living your dreams in my new YouTube video which is up on my channel NOW. As a creator, it's important to me to provide something of great value for you, which is why I put a lot of work, time and effort into my creations. I don't just want you to see beautiful photos but also be inspired and get something out of what I share, something that could help you in your own life.
I would love your feedback to this style of YouTube video where I show you what I'm up to and share some insights and realizations that are important to me.
I'm gonna finish packing now, and I'm trying to prepare mentally for an incredibly long flight tomorrow. I'm getting up in 5hrs 🙈✈ Swipe right to see some snippets of my IG story from the weekend - and make sure to watch my YouTube video for the actual weekend vlog + see my festival outfit styled with my favorite @swatch 💫 |ad/anzeige| #lollapalooza #festival #berlin #swatch #SwatchXLollapalooza

Hi from Berlin 🎶🌈💫 |ad/anzeige|
I always love coming to this city - open-minded people, laid-back vibes, colorful creative expression everywhere.
This weekend was just what I needed - singing, dancing, connecting with beautiful souls, seeing @theweeknd, @imaginedragons and @kygomusic live on stage and filming for you guys. ✨
Celebrating with 100.000 people in one of my favorite cities - I couldn't imagine a better farewell party right before leaving Germany. It's funny to see peoples' reactions when I tell them that I'm emigrating. But it's beautiful to feel that everyone who asked me what I'm doing and who heard my response wished me the best, instead of telling me everything that could go wrong. If I lived my life trying to avoid challenges, I'd grow old without any adventures in my heart, without any crazy stories to tell, without any beautiful memories in my head. And isn't that all you wish for when you sit in your rocking chair at 83 years of age?
I couldn't take another route. I'm happy to be spontaneous, to choose happiness, and to have some fun in the midst of all the seriousness of life.
That being said, I've had the best time at the @lollapaloozade festival together with @jaquidanslanuit and the @swatch team - such kind people 😊
I'm looking forward for more fun days like these. soon.

#berlin #loolapalooza #swatch #SwatchXLollapalooza

Goodbye Barcelona 🌴✈ The past week has been so chaotic and very challenging to say the least - but I'm proud of us, for staying calm and positive no matter the external circumstances 🙏
Thank you @alexasearth for being a real friend I can rely on in every situation.
I already miss you. ❤

I'm currently learning to listen more.
To observe how I feel, what makes me sad, what makes me happy, what sets my heart on fire. I'm learning to step away from everything that is not nurturing my soul, and I embrace what makes me smile more.
"Are you living your own dream, or someone else's dream?", she asked firmly. And I started to cry. She knows more than I do, and she will always remind me to be true to myself - this little voice in my head.
It took me quite a while to make this decision - where I'm gonna move to, for now. I have been to 5 continents in the past two years. I've seen quite a few places on Earth. And there's many destinations I have yet to explore. I had 3 places in mind - on 3 different continents.
Yesterday I made a decision.
A decision that is not based on any external influences or other peoples' expectations. It is purely based on what my soul needs at this very stage of my life. and there I have my answer. one destination left. one place I feel so clearly in my heart. how does it feel inide? it feels light, warm, and safe. it feels like growth. it feels over the moon exciting. and it feels like a decision I made for myself.

Now the big journey begins.
I'm gonna leave Europe on Tuesday - in 4 days! 😱🙏
I won't just be travelling. I'm moving to another continent. God how long I've been waiting for this day.
One thing I've learned along the way is that it's okay to have your own dream, and to go to the places that nurture your soul. Other people don't have to understand or agree. it's your life, not theirs - neither your parents, nor your teachers, nor the opinion of strangers have the right to take away your freedom of choice.
If you want to go to India and live in an ashram, please do so. if you feel like travelling to Japan to stay in a teeny tiny apartment, go ahead. if your heart longs for a little island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, then follow its needs. if your soul aches for exploring the Peruvian jungle far away from civilazation to reset your mind, then for God's sake, do that!
There is nothing wrong with what YOU feel is right, you see? Everyone has different desires, and we're all reading different pages of the book of life.
We all have a choice.
A choice will always provide a chance.
And when we dare to take the chance,
we can make a change.
My next step is for sure the biggest change of my life.
Here's a tip for all of you:
Never discourage someone who's following their heart.
And never EVER let anyone discourage you to walk the road that's meant for you.
don't let the small-thinkers dim your eternal flames.
Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do. You can do, have and be EVERYTHING you want. When you have understood this secret, nothing and no one can stop you.
Dream big.
Make it happen.
Shock everyone.

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