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My armpits don’t smell. I never wear deodorant. I am blessed. I am happy.

My Brother and sister went cat fishing last night.

I was right! Beets come in this GEM jar!

Happy 23rd Birthday Cera! I hope that this year brings you lots of rest and sleep cause you’ll never sleep the same after you birth my first grand baby! So excited for you and everything to come!

My family all live in Curve Lake. My mom and sisters and I are the only ones that live away from home. Today Michael and I drove to Curve Lake to visit my dad, which consisted a lot of listening to him swear at his generator lol I searched through my truck and ended up giving him my emergency wind up radio. Then off to visit my dear Uncle Win. Soooo nice to see him. We wheeled him around the hospital and sat by the window to look outside. A long time ago he told me a funny story about him and my Papa and I couldn’t remember how it went, so I asked him to re-tell me it. Spending time with those you love is healing. On our way home now. Sitting for six hours in the truck torturing Michael with my singing is worth every headache to see my dad and uncle smile. :)

For the 2018/2019 hockey season Erica was offered a spot on the Ancaster Avalanche midget B.B. team. Tonight she has an exhibition game at 9pm. Michael and I drop her off an hour before and headed to look for a spot to make out and found Tiffany Falls. After a serious makeout sesh, I wanted him to take a picture of me in front of the falls. Let’s just say he’s not a photographer. You can’t even see that I’m standing in front of the falls. He zoomed in so close to me that I’m so pixelated I could be a character on minecraft. Ughhhhhhh. I also fell getting to the falls and got a double soaker. #thatwasntworthit :( I decided I’d post this picture that I almost broke my wrist climbing down the embankment to snap. (Sore knee, now a sore wrist) #itsprettythough

If some part of my body isn’t I really alive?

Dogs are jerks.

Ok....normally I don’t let little people touch my phone, but Iris is an exception. (She is so friggin cute) So Iris wants to take a picture and drops my phone (you can hear my slight panicky voice at the end) thank baby Jesus it didn’t break. I got home last night from visiting Kate and Iris and we’ll isn’t my phone on my lap and I go to get out of the truck and I drop my phone. Yup my screen cracked. Oh well.

Picking out a glove for the weirdo in our family. *weirdo not pictured

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