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Kristin Pope  POPE ♋️ Olympic Weightlifter 🎀 American Open Medalist 🏅-63 JTS Flexible Dieting Coaching 🍦➡️ 👇🏼SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE 👑

A very solid 119kg/262lbs Front Squat from today - fighting hard to keep the hips under and quads engaged for the full lift - much progress 🤘🏼#teamJTS #barbellsandbows #frontsquatlyfe @barbellsandbowssquad @strongstrongfriends ------

82kg/180lbs Worked up to the same weight in singles on Power Snatch as last week but feeling much stronger on my top pull and turnover today 🐺 pretty cool to have Coach Zygmunt here at @juggernauttraining with us during this final push for Nationals

The last few practices for me have been ROUGH - I SOOO needed this today. 113kg/249lb Front Squat Triple PR! YAY! My legs are getting so much stronger! I am definitely a work in progress staying mentally tough through fatigue - but I am proud of myself today for pushing through it. #TeamJTS #63kg #barbellsandbows @max_aita ------

New Video!!
Sadly, You won't find any veggies in my food diary - find out why in my latest video on my YouTube channel. Link in my bio!

"Not today" - K Pope's tired body. 😑 #weightlifting

🌴 Sunday in paradise - car shows and beach time with my b*tches. I love ATL, but the OC isn't so bad either 😏

Quad Game So Strong 💪🏼 #squadgoals #chickswholift

105kg/231lbs Clean & Jerk - the most I have done since before I hurt my hip. 3 weeks until Nats, frustrated with my clean as usual- but damn it I can jerk haha. #TeamJTS #63kg #strengthfromstruggle #barbellsandbows @max_aita @juggernauttraining

Featured here is the Devil’s Complex @max_aita programmed for me with a Clean Pull + Hang Clean + Hang Clean + Power Jerk at 90kg/198lbs LOL and swipe to see power Power Snatches at 82kg/180lbs
#TeamJTS #Weightlifting #tryinasucklessatcleans @juggernauttraining

YOU GUYS! I am so pumped to announce I have been placed on to my first international squad. I will be competing on Team USA at the University World Games this Summer in Chinese Taipei. I could not be more excited for this opportunity to compete abroad, be a part of the Universiade Games, and to represent the Red, White & Blue for the first time in my weightlifting career. This was a huge goal of mine and will be a big step for me. Thank you for all of your continued support. #TeamUSA 🇺🇸 @usa_weightlifting @juggernauttraining @max_aita

This past week with having company in town and then traveling over the weekend, I went off the rails a bit on my macros and tracking everything. I wouldn’t say I totally over did anything and was always mindful of my eating; but there were several times I just didn’t input anything for certain meals and I had a few extra drinks last week compared to normal. If I didn’t have @biolayne to report to and say “hey I didn’t do my best this week and things got a bit off with my diet - what do I do?” I probably would have reduced my macros feeling a bit of panic and that would have been the wrong move. We decided to stick to the same numbers and get a solid week in and see how I responded - WE decided. I believe that flexible dieting coaching is not a one sided totalitarian style relationship but more of a collaboration to help guide the individual in the right direction and the support system created from this is so valuable. I think a lot of people overlook this value from a psychological standpoint of having a nutrition coach.  After 3 solid days of tracking my macros in my normal routine I am back to the weight I was previously at beforehand and my body is very happy again. This is probably the leanest I have been at this weight, which I am super pleased with.
💕 I offer flexible dieting coaching through my company @barbellsandbowssquad - check out the IG and contact me via my site if you are interested in getting started! All of the info can be found on my website. 🎀

Easing back in to heavier squats after taking some time to deload last week. Hit this 108kg/238lbs x3 set as my heaviest set today; easier than expected so I will push this more next week. The front squat only life seems to be working really well for me 🐯 #barbellsandbows @barbellsandbowssquad

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