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Kristin Pope  🎀 Olympic Weightlifter🏅-63 Team USA 🇺🇸 🍦Flexible Dieting Coach ➡️barbellsandbows.net 👑 YouTuber👇🏼Latest Video!


YAY! New YouTube Video Is Up!
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#internationalchestday 🦍
WOW feet up is hard & also my bench is very weak hahaha first time this year on the bench. 6 with 95lbs hollaaaa haha! Maybe I should go back to the dual athlete life eventually? 🤔
Powerlifting is fun

This looks so un-exciting, but I am finally under a barbell again after a 2 week layoff, thus it is v. exciting to me. What I originally thought was no big deal and just soreness about a month ago, turns out was an injury to my QL. After I competed each day my erectors got more and more locked up to the point that I could not stand up straight all the way some days. I kept taking more and more away from my training regimen until I had to resort to complete rest.
I was able to do a few sets of tempo squats with 45kg/99llbs today which I am really happy about. Focusing on quality movement and going to be really working to improve my muscle imbalances and weak spots in my mechanics. Starting what is a long road of re-building, but for now I am just happy to be taking baby steps back in to lifting. Thank you to the Team USA staff in Taiwan, @quinn.henochdpt and @burnscolin and everyone else who have given me ideas, suggestions and encouragement to get to feeling better; it takes a village 😊

🐘 One of the best experiences of my life! Uploaded the video of my time in Chiang Mai | Link to my channel is in my bio, i hope you love it hehe 🐘

Right now, my training looks like sunrise hikes with my dog to see the ocean from a vantage I haven't ever before. I'm not complaining 🙃🌊🐾 #fitness @trufflethepupper

The meet was not my best performance, but the weight cut was the most successfully executed in a long time. This was the first meet in about 2 years that I did not have to sauna or hot bath to make weight - which felt amazing. I was able to get my training weight in to the 63s after a long period of consistent dieting tracking macros throughout the year, one of my biggest goals ✔️
🔸My composition changed drastically this year and my muscle mass increased. I am nearing the same body fat % now as when i competed in the 58 weight class - a full 5kg/11lbs heavier. I am happy with the work put in and how it reflected in the weight cut at the meet going smoothly, considering the conditions eating in a dining hall, foreign foods, tons of travel etc. would have made things tougher than normal to cut weight. 🔸If you are looking to dial in your nutrition to reach your goals of fat loss, muscle gain, faster run times, strength gains, changing weight classes or getting in top condition for the CrossFit Open etc. . . whatever they may be, I have coached individuals with all types of goals . . . use the link in my bio to check out the @barbellsandbowssquad for nutrition coaching with Flexible Dieting. I didn’t take on clients while I was traveling so I have space available now 🤗
More information can be found on the website!
🎀 BarbellsAndBows.Net

🐒 I still can't believe this happened. #OnlyInBali

New vlog uploaded from Taiwan! This video features Team Kazakhstan lifters @sadykova_777 and @aidarkazov77 - it was so amazing to get the chance to become friends with such incredible lifters and human beings. They have equally as big of personalities to match their big lifts. I had such a great time at the Universiade getting to know members of other teams that are training for the Tokyo Olympics and hearing how they do things. They have truly devoted their lives to weightlifting and having that love of the sport in common with myself I think is SO COOL uniting two worlds so far apart. I am really hoping these guys get to make the trip to California for Worlds in December.
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I done fuq'd up that SPF application in Thailand. & Y'all thought my tan lines were bad before.... LOL #burntcakes 🔥🍰😂

Having the time of my life being taken out to sea by local Balinese fisherman. Jumping in to the tiniest boat heading out in to the Indian Ocean = Definition of YOLO, betch. 🐠🚣 😂the infamous laugh . . .

Rock bottom is where I can & will start rebuilding everything . . . Returning home to the States tonight, turning the page to the next chapter. I am positive it will be a beautiful one.
✨Full training hall & meet footage from the University World Games in Taipei City is up on my YouTube channel ✨ I also talk about what will be next for me in the sport. Link is in my bio - subscribe to my channel!
🇺🇸 YouTube.com/Kris10Pope

🌸 Sorga // พิมาน // 乐园 // Paradise 🌺
Truly the most stunning beach my eyes have been lucky enough to gaze upon. Wonderful day at the @jamahalbaliresort Beach Club here in Bali. Indonesia is magical.

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