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𝗞𝗿𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗻 𝗣𝗼𝗽𝗲  🎀Olympic Weightlifter🏅-64 Team USA 🇺🇸 🍦Nutrition Coach ➡️ 💪🏼Universal Sponsored Athlete 👑 YouTube:Kris10Pope

Life'll hit you with a light jab -
Mike Tyson, strike back. @ybncordae

Deload week update: i’m boredddd haha. 100kg/220lb Back Squat Triple. Ready to get back to the grind Monday! I just uploaded a new vlog - click the link in my bio & don’t forget to subscribe to my channel - i’m only a few away from 45k subscribers!! 🤗 yay! 🎀 Knee Sleeves are by my company 👉🏼 @barbellsandbows

Ayyy I’m finally ready to put my USAW Level 1 course investment to use. I am going to be accepting 5 lifters for weightlifting coaching 🙌🏻 IKR... took me long enough... i’ve been telling some of you for years “i will have coaching available soon” 😂 For some reason I have felt intimidated to have my own athletes because I know how important the role of a coach is to a lifter’s life. I wanted to wait until I felt completely ready for that responsibility! Details can be found in my story. I know I will get a ton of interest for this - but it is limited to 5 spots so there is an application (email: to apply) to make sure it will be a good fit. Really looking forward to this new part of the journey 🙏🏻

“By The Numbers” - if you ever had the chance to lift around John Coffee you’ve heard this one. Took me about 3 years to understand what the heck that even meant. When your technique gets more developed - it gets easier to regulate your pull based on how much is on the bar. The trick to this is keeping good positions - even when it feels easy to zoom through them. If you are one of those people whose technique gets better when you get more weight on the bar - keep working at it. It took me a long time and a lot of work breaking it down to snatch 35 well. I’d say it’s harder to snatch 35 than it is to snatch 65 any day - but eventually you want every lift to look the same - no matter what weight is loaded. Always a work in progress but I’m happy with the strides in my technique i’ve been making this year. @aimees2cents

@fleoshorts leggings & bunny 🐰 shaped sugar cookies from publix are two of my favorite things right now. Both are making my legs look thicccc. This new colorway available now with @barbellabox ☯️ #wethairdontcare *I wear size Small in all fleo products*

Originally, last week was a planned back off week - but @aimees2cents and I decided we could pull one more week out of me for high volume phase since I was still feeling strong. It was a long hard week but I got so much good work in and I’m glad we adjusted the plan. What’s that saying: be stubborn about your goals & flexible about your methods 👌🏻. With multiple competitions coming up, this was the only time to really push higher reps. Super tired and very happy for the deload this week now though haha 🥵 Finished up Saturday with this 105kg/231lb Clean & Jerk. #deloadandchill @catalystathletics @barbellsandbows

The impulse buy over the winter is looking like the best decision i’ve ever made 😎 Found a steal on craigslist that couldn’t be passed up - this Centurion just needed a little TLC and a new interior leather job and she is good as new. Lake season has begun babyyyyy. Who else is ready for Summer ‘19 to be the best one yet?? 🚤

Just uploaded a “Day In The Life” vlog - Athlete / Influencer / Small Business Owner edition! 🤗 I tried to pick a “boring” day where nothing special was happening to do a real depiction of what my day to day is like with training and work. Just so happens I had a crappy workout this day so it’s like for real for real authentic 😂👍🏼 haha sometimes it be like that. Link to the video is in my bio! Also: 🄷🄰🅅🄸🄽🄶 🄰 🅂🄰🄻🄴 in my store so check that out too 💞 Thanks & love all of you that watch my videos!!

“F*ck Your Feelings.” - @eminem 🤘🏼 95kg/209lb PR triple on the clean & jerk. #wontbeoutworked @catalystathletics @aimees2cents @universalusa

I’ve been training harder than ever, and it shows! 💪🏼 | nutrition coaching:

I’m starting to feel pretty solid from the blocks finally- just going to assume it’s my last week doing them. Somehow it always works like that 🤣 80x2 & 85kg @aimees2cents @catalystathletics

NO.QUIT. 🙅🏼‍♀️ +1kg PR 123kg/270lbs Front Squat. #whentimestandsstill

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