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Kristin Pope  🎀 Olympic Weightlifter🏅-63 Team USA 🇺🇸 🍦Flexible Dieting Coach ➡️ 💪🏼Universal Sponsored Athlete 👑 YouTuber : Kris10Pope

IT’S MEET WEEK BABY! 🌟 last big workout today - now the taper 🙌🏼 I have these pink bows 🎀 still available in the store (link in bio) and have XS and S sizes restocked in the knee sleeves!! Yay! @barbellsandbowssquad

My strength did not come from lifting weights. My strength came from lifting myself up when I was knocked down. 🖤 ~Bob Moore 📷: @brayshawcreative

In the words of John Coffee to describe these lifts “it’s a toy!” 😎 1 week out!! 88/104 @roninweightlifting @burnscolin @barbellsandbowssquad @usa_weightlifting

YOOO! I have the best sponsor that is letting me do a giveaway for not 1 winner… but 5!!! I get to pick 5 people to win a free bottle of Amino Octane from Universal!! 🕺🏻
To enter:
1. Like the post
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• Winners will be chosen at 12pm EST Thursday.
About Amino Octane:
125mg of caffeine per serving, 5g Aminos and Theacrine. It can be used as pre-workout but it does not contain any pumping agents. A great option for those that just want energy without any of the effects of a standard pre-workout.  I like it because it doesn’t give me any crash or jitters during my workout - it feels the same as an energy drink! Good luck!! 🍀 EDIT: winners have been selected!

That barbend on the 1️⃣1️⃣0️⃣ omg 😍💦😂... #gotjokes #gonnaregretthiscaption @universalusa Bar is ZKC, Knee Sleeves are @barbellsandbowssquad - restocking in a few weeks.

Perty solid 90kg Snatch from last week. The last few big workouts before my meet coming up now! I am heading to Kansas City for @usa_weightlifting National Championship next week!! Good luck to Team USA in PanAms kicking things off today 🇺🇸 (198lb)

My legs look monstrous this morning after having my heavy C&J day last night haha! Love it. Weighing in at 64.6kg 2 weeks out 👌🏼💪🏼
A lot of people have asked me what my ideal weight class would be as they are changing in July. I think 64 would be great for me, 65-66 would still be good although it would be harder to fill out. I could do 60-62 if I have to . . . but I have been down that road in the past and know how shitty you feel with hard cuts when I used to compete at 58. The 63s have been really good to me, and I am a bit sad that this will be my last time sub 63 weight class. I have a goal to finally reach that 200kg competition total at Nationals to bookend this section of my weightlifting career. So I guess to answer the question I am hoping for a 64. What class are you crossing your fingers for??

“They can take me out the hood -
But I'm a keep it hood folk” 🔉😂 104kg/229lb Clean & Jerk - riding these babies down well now 🙌🏼 @roninweightlifting @gorillazoe

I can, I will.

Everyone wish the queen @im53batch a happy birthday!! 👸🏼 Excited that we will be hitting the platform TOGETHER again finally at Nationals 🙌🏼

When they all look the same 🤤 pull is coming back around finally 🙌🏼 even with these sore ass legs. The standups on these were hard they are so sore LOL this made me understand why people skip the stand up... people that snatch a lot more than me i mean hahaha. @barbellsandbowssquad hair bow 💟 link in my bio to get them! 75-80kg

Crop Tanks, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts & Mugs from the #StrengthFromStruggle line are now available! I expanded the product list and hope you love it alllll. I also have a new Barbells & Bows official Hair Bow!! 🎀 AND… WHO IS FREAKING PUMPED FOR @barbellsandbowssquad x @hookgrip CUSTOM KNEE SLEEVES!?!?!? These are what I always wear, now with a rad custom design. All live on my site - linked in my bio. 💕BarbellsAndBows.Store 💕 lmk what your fav new new is 👇🏼 tag yo homies that don’t want to miss this release cuz this is all gonna go fast again

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