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lisa  Everything with wings is restless

I had no idea how many nerds were in my family. #Hogwarts

Movie night: The Hobbit #OtherPeoplesChildren

Every time I come back here I get the feeling that this city belongs to me. It's not that I feel I belong here, but that this is my city and you can't tell me anything I don't already know. Which is arrogant, Im aware.. but it's what goes through my head. My ancestors quarried the stone that built this city. I have a written history and photos of my mother's side with addresses of houses downtown where my family resided going back 100+ years. I've walked or rode my bike down every single street in the greater downtown area. I had the bus system memorized at 12. I know the secret magical spots and where to find the ancient trees. My mom worked at the University Library for 40 years, I've been walking State Street and exploring the capital since I was a toddler. This photo is of one of the lions that crown the capital hallways. I've been drawn to them for as long as I can remember and they occupied much of my imagination as a kid.
#WisconsinCapitol #WiscoKid #LionKnocker

I walk these halls every time I come back. #WisconsinCapitol #WiscoKid

Went to the #MaricopaAnimalShelter today and spent some time with this pretty girl. Her name is Storm, she was an owner surrender/she's microchipped and the owner didn't feel like taking care of her, so he let her out to the street. She's 60lbs, I'm guessing under 2yrs old, she loves squeeky toys, playing fetch, she's good with kids, her fur is insanely lush and soft.. and she's beautiful. She can sit on command and will be a total gem once someone gives her the care she deserves. #RescueThisDog #AZdogs #AdoptDontShop #StopBreeding

Received some #MammothTooth earrings in the mail from @forestlifecreations ... He's made some fresh ones you should probably check out. #WoolyMammoth #MineralizedMammoth

Baked a few cakes today with the over abundance of lemons 🍋 Lemon Sour Cream Pound Cake ..... #LemonPoundCake #IMadeAThing #EcoVillage

A day for braiding garlic. #Garlic #GarlicBraid #EcoVillage

A day for braiding garlic. #Garlic #GarlicBraid #AZsunset #EcoVillage

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