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kreyv  Specialises in crunchy mangga jeruk asam boi W/O preservatives WA: +65 91031631 Deliver daily btwn 12nn to 10pm Kreyv is @ Bazaar Geylang & Big Box!


2nd Syawal ❀
Many thanks to the Almighty for blessing me and photog with loads of patience while taking these pics. Lol. Sooooo difficult to coordinate 4 perangais. .
Hope u are all having a good time :)
If u would like to order our Jeruks to serve ur guests tmr, pls send us a WA. Dont forget the Raya Promo ya. One set of one bottle each for $55 only.

Goshhh i realised my post abt our booth this week was not posted successfully 😫
Anyways, still not too late πŸ˜„ we are at Tampines Giant starting today till Sunday ya. Yes its the building oppo Ikea. .
If u r going visiting anywhere nearby do come πŸ˜„

11am to 10pm

Part 2 ❀

1st Syawal ❀

My sexaaaay bulat. Haha.
So grumpy!

Bcos the kacangs and tepong has been staring at me. Lol. So i finally made them awhile ago. My cutting skills tho! *slaps forehead*

SELAMAT HARI RAYA ! πŸ˜„ May we all have a great day ahead, insya'allah. Especially us with anak2 kecik berderet , May we be blessed with extra Patience and Strength today. Lol.
Today both our booths at WestMall and Compass One are open ya. WestMall is handled by our usual orang kuat while Compass is handled by the organiser. They die2 dont let us close and sanggup jaga the booth. Lol. So if he lacks knowledge on the product, sabar k. Lol. WA me or DM me instead. Im right here for u.
Wanna self collect frm Tampines st 42 also can ya. Just WA to 9103 1631.
So if ur rumah nenek , atok, kak long , mak long , or whoever is in the area do drop buy , grab some and spreeeeeaaaad the love! πŸ˜„ .
Insya'allah next occasion i will make a nice packaging for the raya promo. Just thought abt it last night. Too late. So next round la hor. .
Oh also DELIVERY IS ONGOING AS USUAL ya. If you would like to have ur orders delivered pls WA to 91031631
Ps. Whos wearing Ya Hareem today? πŸ™Š nak jugak kpo

Yoohoo :) Hows the raya prep going? Hope all is well πŸ˜„ this is one of the corners at my mummys house. Kemain lagi her curtain. Lol. She always makes unique curtains. Sometimes when customers come over to buy jeruk they will ask abt her curtains. Lol. .
Anywaaaaays, SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN to alllllll u awesome pple! If my Orang Kuats and I had wronged any of u unintentionally pls do forgive us ya. We thank u all for the love and support given to us. Pls do continue what you are doing ya. Im actually working on something new. Im so excited that its driving me crazy. Lol. Im more excited for this than raya tau. πŸ˜‚ but i havent found a suitable booth that allows food preparation. Currently all are prepacked food events . I hope it goes well ah and u all enjoy it as much as u enjoy my jeruks. 😁
Ok one more thing. This one very important. I have run out of my pineapple and papaya jeruk. I didnt expect my raya promo to be such a hit. πŸ˜‚ so for tmr and monday pineapple and papaya dont have tau. So if u would like to purchase our 6PAC Raya Promo u gotta choose 2 other fruits ya. .
Thats all for now. Back to Raya Prep πŸ˜„

Fridge situation at Compass One πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ only left with abt 8 Guava.
Will restock at 8.30pm. Do come over after buka ya. Sorry for the trouble. .
Annnnnd Selamat Berbuka πŸ˜„

Goooood morning πŸ˜„
Besok da raya sehhh. Soooo fast! For the past few years while we had Ya Hareem , Raya eve in JB soooo quiet. Everybody balik kampung. I also balik my kampung , SG. Haha. .
So anywaaaays dont forget both Compass One and Westmall booths ends tmr ya.
Big Box and Geylang Bazaar ends tonight.
DAILY DELIVERY ALSO ONGOING AS USUAL. If you would like to give a Raya present to ur Muslim neighbours and colleagues and friends just send me a WA and i will get it delivered to them πŸ˜„ or if u would like to serve ur guests jeruks with ur other goodies we are always ready to deliver to u πŸ˜„ just a WA away.
9103 1631 ! πŸ˜„
Oh and do grab our Raya Promo. 6 bottles of one fruit each bottle for just $55 πŸ˜„

Phewww! What a month it has been πŸ˜„ came and went too soon. Masya'allah i managed to clear 90% of ya hareem stocks, sold more than 10000 bottles of jeruks and probably sold a total of 150 bottles and packs of cookies. A L H A M D U L I L L A H . Only made possible because of u awesome pple. U all are the best! It makes losing Ya Hareem a little less painful. Cos i dont even have time to think abt it. Last ramadhan was a different kind of bz. Chasing factory for raya stocks, serving customers , buka puasa with all the staff like kenduri , watching crowd coming batch after batch, the kecohness of Angsana bazaar just opposite us , and the traffic madness . Maaan. I miss it but im glad we r in a different situation now. Bz but lesser stress πŸ˜„ where i will go with Kreyv, i really dont know what lies ahead. All i know is i will keep putting in 200% hardwork and effort and keep turning my ideas into reality . If it goes far Alhamdulillah, if its the same fate as Ya Hareem then is ok . I know ive tried my best and the Almighty probably has other plans for me. πŸ˜„Just like how Kreyv was born when Ya Hareem tengah nazak on life support. Lol. .
Ok la ok la. Actually this post is to share with u all the jeruk raya plan sehhh. Not some emo story. Lol. Our booths at Compass and Westmall ends on Sunday tau. Actually i wanted to end it tmr cos sape la nak layan i kerja on Hari Raya but organisers say wasted and they semangat want to help me sell then ok lor we will be there till Sunday. DELIVERY ORDERS WILL GO ON DAILY AS PER NORMAL! Cos i have a non Muslim racer and he say he wants to deliver so Alhamdulillah we will carry on delivery as usual. .
So if u would like to send ur Muslim friends and relatives and neighbours a Raya present , u may want to gift them our 6PAC RAYA PROMO. 6 Bottles for $55. But must be one of each fruit. This will go on for the entire month of Syawal ya. .
Thats all, back to cleaning the house. My mum finally muka ade senyum after i pack up all the bajus. Lol.

Gooooood Afternn :)
This Raya Promo is on and will be valid for the entire month of Syawal ! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒnot for bazaars tho
Plssss ah dont forget Century Square booth ended last night tau. At 10.30pm yesterday somebody msged and ask if can drop by the booth during lunch time today. 😁 i bite u ah! But u can still come over to blk 460 tamp st 42. Anytime before midnight. .
Alternatively, get ur orders delivered or purchase frm the following places.
Pls WA me ur orders at 91031631
Contact number

Number of bottles
Young Papaya
Green Apple

One bottle is $10
Delivery timing 12-5pm / 6-10pm
Delivery charges:
West and South $7
CBD and town area $10
All other areas $6

Usual area Level 2
Till Saturday

Same location as previous
Level 1 atrium
Till Thursday

Same location as previous too
Level 1 Atrium
Till Saturday

6) Blk 460 Tampines st 42 #02-314
Anytime before midnight

7) Adam's Makan Place
Blk 56 New Upper Changi Rd
10am - 2am

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