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Yasmine⚡️  #KREWLIFE 💜✌🏽️🇵🇰 NEW WORLD out now:


the New World tour is officially over and idk wtf to do with myself 😭 to everyone who came out to these shows- & some of u made it to not only 1 but many of them- I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart🙏🏽 we haven't done a tour like this in 3 years and it means the world to me to come to cities we haven't been to in so long & still be surrounded by so much love. sometimes I don't even understand how Jahan and I got so fucking lucky but I'm embracing every bit of it and I'm so damn grateful!!! these last 3 months had me super deep in my feelings so thank u to everyone who sweat, danced, and cried w us, everyone who shared their time w us, everyone who has stuck around to support the evolution of krewella w us. plzzz share ur fav new world memories I wanna read all about what you experienced on this tour with us!!! THANK U ONCE AGAIN✨

off days on tour are for exploring✨ if you're ever lurking Philly u musttt go to the Magic Gardens. clearly the word magic reeled me in😏⚡️but what simultaneously captivated me/fucked me up was an exhibit of art + poetry by @justinduerr. haunting but familiar words from one of his pieces- "my mind bleeds out of my eyes and burns holes in everything I look at. through each hole a part of my body flees, until I am impossibly dissected and exist so subtly, in so many obscure crooks of the universe, that no one or nothing can know of me."

2013 yazzy called. she wants her hair back 🙄

shiiiiit long essay caption alert🚨 it’s been a month since we left home for the New World Tour…every day i wanna collect my thoughts & post about it but as soon as i grasp them in my brain, the words dissipate. i guess that’s the beauty of being present. every night i get to lose myself on stage in the company of so many amazing humans - many who came to let go of shit they’re hanging on to or face shit that they’ve been running from. thank u for trusting us with your time & energy. thank u for telling us about what pains you, lights you up, & gets you through the day. thank u for dancing & sweating ur fucking asses off💦 to the girl who got broken up with the morning of our Denver show & came anyways, thank u for letting me just hold you while u cried. to the dude in Seattle who was really nervous to talk but told us anyways about how we’re the reason he got into making music, i’m fucking honored & thank u. to the bro who gestured cunnilingus at me the whole set in St. Louis, my dawg u gotta learn some respect for ladies so fuk u🖕🏽& thx for coming. to all my people who have met their best friends or significant others thru our music & u come out to shows like the cute asses y’all are thank uuu👼🏻 to anyone who’s driven 2…7…even 12+ hours to see us😵 THANK YOU. thank u all so fucking much. if u can’t tell, i’m obsessed with this tour. i hope to see u all in the New World 🌎

happy gyal pre-show hike in Breck!!!!☃ NEW WORLD DENVER tonight is gonna be fkn insane I can't wait to be in your presence 😌🙌🏾

lol did u guys name it krewella like cruella deville like do u hate puppies and make fur coats out of them hahaahaha

idk here's a pic of both of us still donning our long locks but we cut that shit off cuz we whip it around too much at our shows and end up with birds nest hair so yeah. hair is weird. u grow it for months n years and then suddenly abracadabra it's fkn *gone* and it feels scary at first but then it feels light and liberated cuz all the attachment u had to your hair....well its just dead cells pouring from your cranial area so baiiiiiiii for now ♻️

aghhhh I'm always late on posting release stuff. o well I guess that's how u kno I don't have a lil minion running my social media😅👻 anyways OUR COLLAB W YELLOW CLAW IS OUT - NEW WORLD featuring my chicago dawg Taylor Bennett on the second verse (it's fkn heat😭🔥) link in bio y'all. so excited to play this on the New World tour starting THURSDAYYYYY🌎⚡️

why am I always the most stoked person in the pic... Nathan u look embarrassed to be next to me and J-remy ur like...awww...I feel so bad for this strange girl.... oh well ur stuck with me either way 😘

this was snapped during a photoshoot for a weed magazine but I've never smoked weed so I just wondered in existential-crisis-type-silence whether or not I was the world's worst kind of poser. n then I realized I didn't rly give a fuk cuz I'm too high (on life) 2 care

19 YRS LATER.... still waiting on my Hogwarts letter 🤔😅

this is pure happiness. thx @jakeudell for the pic & the whole damn team & family for helping me pull off the surprise. I LOVE U BEANIE!!!!!! HBD u angel 🎁🎈✨

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