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Yasmine⚡️  #KREWLIFE 💜✌🏽️🇵🇰 runaway out now:

happiest you'll ever see me is by this man's side❤️ Abu u are my best friend & my whole world!!! bad days get better even when I just hear your voice on the other end of the phone. that's the effect he has on people, anyone who knows my dad knows exactly what I'm talking about. he's my favorite jokester. healer. devil's advocate. wise sage. and teacher. 🙏🏽 thank u for everything- EVERYTHING- because I wouldn't even be a fraction of the woman I am today without u. happy Father's Day yaar I love you to the 🌙 and back!!!

I always suppress my manga/anime love on social media cuz being a culture vulture is strange😅 but yes i did just buy this manga themed sake cuz the bottle is incredible, ima prob pour the contents out and use it as a vase in my room 👼🏽💀✨

tbh im horrible at romance and love shit. so when people ask me for advice (lol) I really just kinda suck at having anything worthwhile to say. EXCEPT. the reality of the situation is that all relationships in life have the possibility of being temporary- besides the one with yourself. so nurture that shit. put yourself first. fall so deeply in love with ya damn self that even if all else fails, that relationship is strong enough to keep you afloat. ok back to being a fuckin wild 5 year old that doesn't randomly dish out uncalled for words of wisdom *ten thousand eye rolls @ mySelf*

I was freshly showered (RARE) & about to do one of the coolest things of mine and J's career (INFO SOON) & full of parathas and halwa (BUTTER IS LIFE) in this pic so ima just leave it at that for now 🇵🇰

another revolution around the sun complete🌞 welcome to 26 Dev!!!!🎈 I love that all of our pics together are us exploring the world, u being all handsome n shit & me lookin like the brown mischievous child that I am👼🏽🙄 happy birthday amour!!! ❤️

runaway is finally out✨ it feels so good, like a breath we've been holding for !!!years!!! that is at long last being expelled. this song is about beginnings & ends, not necessarily in that order//it’s about needing nothing more than right now, with the lights so blinding & popularity so alluring, but always opting to leave it behind & focus on the real//it’s about time & distance meaning nothing because the heart can't bow to such tangible ideas//it’s about crashing the rental car but laughing so inexplicably hard about it//it’s about fear, because i’m scared & you’re scared but it’s beautiful to feel that alive//it’s about the kinda shit you’d leave everything behind for- or let go of so that it could beam brighter without you in its way//letting go doesn’t have to mean forgetting or carving away love//i could write this caption forever and still never run out of words. the song will have to speak for itself so i don’t get carried away💭 ~ link in bio❤️

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my precious incredible powerful beautiful wonderful Ash. I was definitely not 1 of the cool kids growing up (whatever tf that means🤓) but when I met you I felt immediately accepted for all of my strangeness. blessed 5eva to have a bestie for life w you... who always laughs at my shitty jokes, doesn't get freaked out when I make weird noises or speak in odd voices, gives literally the BEST headrubs with ya lil cute baby hands 👐🏻😁, goes to the gym at 6am n throws around weights/ boxes with me, actually for that matter would do ANYthing at ANYtime cuz ur the most down-for-anything human I've ever met lmao. thank u for always picking up when I'm calling to freak out about stuff n things 👶🏻 when I actually go out (lol) ur the best dance partner in the damn game 💃🏻 you inspire me, fuel me, make me happy af. I love the shit outta you ✨

i don’t wanna be sorry for having a purpose. for having a cause, something i stand for. i don’t want people to turn away when i have an opinion on something. i want it to be seen as an opportunity for conversation. i try to lead a life of constant searching, whether that be answers creativity peace love or truth. i get fired up over the news. i sometimes lose hope over interactions with people who have a certain thought process on human / animal / earth issues. i get angry when i feel like i have to prove something that i feel is obvious. i get angry when i get angry... because why am i letting my emotions control me? i try to remember to breathe deeply. i am here to learn. i am here to create. i will continue to wear my heart on my sleeve and open my arms like a book with no words. write on my pages, teach me your stories. remind me to breathe when i forget. i can’t wait to read you, stranger

I love this pic a lot for many reasons, one being that I got to photograph J today for the first time in a very very long time (thank u @misanharriman ❤️) but also bc this pic = Jahan looking like a goddess (thx @jeremy_kim_kardashian lol!!) + u can also see the 'Aisha' tattoo on my spine dedicated to our big sis @aisha_yousaf. she had surgery for her severe scoliosis when she was in her early 20s which was scary af & potentially life-threatening but did it anyways for her quality of life. her spine was legitimately in the shape of an "S" - now she lives every day with a titanium rod in her spine forever. these are the women that give me strength💪🏽 shoutout to everyone living with chronic pain, fatigue, disease, trauma, etc✨ try to stay positive when u can. the highs & lows are what life is all about 🌻

Jahan's aura was so wonderful that the camera couldn't handle it and pre-cropped her out 🙁

happy 3 year adoption anniversary / 5th bday to my baby😭 thx for teaching me so much about love, patience, & being present ✨ i also hate leaving my house & she gives me an even greater reason/excuse to stay home so thx for that too

'alibi' is out now ✨ link in my bio👀 i have so many thoughts behind the creation of this song but I'll just say has constantly tried to make me believe that everything ends, that loyalty and trust are temporary. alibi is about those people that remind u --real love is forever. as always thank u soooo much for supporting YALL R THE BEST✨🔒👳🏽

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