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Zoo De La Kray Kray  Pebbles.Moo.Daisy. Miracle. Morkie.Morkie.GreatDane.PittMix~🐾❤️

Grandma tried to leave without us... so I snuck in her bag.

Life is ruff.

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#tbt to the first time I went swimming! Momma says my nubbin paddle is 1000 times cuter than normal doggy paddle!
(thanks for the help grandma @viridianfinds !)

A boy and his ball.

Americas Next Top Doodle.

Auntie's dog is really weird....

Tried to do a trendy pool hair flip picture... close enough

It's hard being ridiculously good looking.

Is momma holding a tennis ball? Or am I just ridiculously photogenic?...
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TONIGHT on the most DRAMATIC episode of the bachelor.....

Tanning time ☀️☀️

Big business meeting today. Discussed the mythical "red dot" and the mystery of "where did the ball go"?

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