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Because your TL needs more @unorthodoxfox

Them: Christopher what's that new diet you're on, you're glowing and your Backpage ad hotline is off the hook?? Me: ...oh it's just the Cobb Salad diet... Bacon. Chicken. Avocado. Egg. Blue Cheese crumbles. Other healthy shit like greens or whatever. Hello? It's uhmazing... and Gwyneth Paltrow recommends it to make my coochie smell like Bounty fabric softener.

the plot thickens

Mary-Pat Hector, 19. Her run for her city council has also inspired Georgia officials to present a bill to lower the election age: the consensus being if you're old enough to vote then you should be old enough to hold office. She's been active since age 9, having created a play highlighting the issue of child abuse and organizing anti-gun violence campaigns. #blackgirlmagic #yougogirl #blackgirlsrock #imwithher #girlpower

The new Forty Five Ten downtown is probably the sexiest clothing store in Texas... like a Pee Wee's playhouse of luxury. Here for it... even with $4.52 in coupon value to my name.

Can I just remind you that this rat #azealiabanks -- a woman who not only sacrifices chickens in her closet on the regular, but only cleans the closet on holidays -- spent a week boohoo crying all over TV after #RussellCrowe forcefully removed her out of a hotel room kickback when she started acting like it was Bella Noches, yet she had the audacity to correct #Rihanna when she expressed her grief over the ban on #Muslims... people are being ripped from their families and she couldn't even handle being kicked out of a Hilton ‼️ The hypocrisy runs deep with these folk... I hope Russell Crowe sues her for the last few struggle edges on her scalp since that's about all she has left to her name.

I struggle with complexity

#tbt before the coronation ceremony