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I definitely squealed when I saw this... but I don't want no damn stickers, gimme the game! @playstation KICK... PUNCH... IT'S ALL IN THE MIND....

Fart... but make it #FASHION

Me each morning @ life

There's celebration, yet the message continues to be that new age #racism, #islamophobia, #xenophobia, #homophobia, and prejudice against the poor is perfectly tolerable and acceptable in their spaces... oh, but sexual harassment allegations from the past -- likely lodged by white women, because complaints from women of color are statistically ignored even more -- is where they draw the line... at least when the PR fallout is too much, otherwise they would have continued sweeping it under the rugs.// Can I also remind y'all that #Pepsi, in their post-controversy statement, apologized directly to Kendall Jenner, but beat around the bush and offered a non-apology to the minorities they offended... I just want y'all to know what fake progress looks and feels like so you'll recognize this is why the wheels of conflict and discord keep on spinning...

My bad I ain't leave y'all wit a #dope beat to step to 🕺🏾... All love, America!! ❤️ No need to DM or text asking what's wrong and if I'm dying or going back down the tube again... 😂 I'm just getting better at being 💯Christopher again, today from the comfort of my toilet... because I'm letting all my shit go... get it!? #hooray

Social media isn't inherently evil but it definitely #reprograms and transforms thought patterns + thought forms. Don't get caught up in the access... just because it's available doesn't mean you want it. And for the weakest spirits, you need to limit your access altogether for stability.

When the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit hear people explain why we celebrate an "occult" tradition absorbed by the Church-State after they raped and pillaged the culture of origin... 🙃 #easter #rhoa


Karaage chicken with watermelon... 👀it comes with that, don't judge me. 🤷🏾‍♂️#brunch #foodporn #niggarachii

My ramen looks better than yours. 🙃

Word on the street is my service is quite... touching. #work

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