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  We must learn to live together as brothers, or perish together as fools~ MLK Jr. Graphic Designer. Drawing fuels my fire 🔥 Cali-for-I-love

Wondering if I should ink this lol I hate inking my drawings

Ok, this may be a design I’m most comfortable with. By the way, the name “Clash” is no more; I’ve gone with Greek origins for the his field name: Ανώτατο-in English it would be pronounced (Ah-no-ta-toe) or Anotato, Ano for short.,

American boots because, “f”racism

My Ancestry DNA results updated

Mostly finished, I’d say

Attempting to draw Wolverine in what marvel has revealed as a new suit to debut in The Return of Wolverine #1

I can not go in the store and not take pictures with these on lol




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