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Konsta Punkka  Squirrel whisperer Worldwide published Photographer & Speaker Based in Finland 👉🏼 @kpunkka_

~ Mom fox bringing red squirrel back to the nest for dinner for the young ones

~ This beaver came out of its nest and was seemingly happy to find an uneaten wood stick this close to its house

~ Leopard guarding its warthog dinner

~ Blended to the view over the years

~ Frozen in time

~ Birch trees leading the way

~ Flying among the giants. @icosri ocean station is located in Belgium sea. The ocean network consists of ships and fixed stations monitoring the carbon exchange between the surface ocean and the atmosphere. Researching climate change’s effects.

~ Fox enjoying the sunshine

~ Staying in wildlife hides is a big part of my job. It requires a lot of patience to stay in for hours or sometimes even days. Looking at the same landscape can make you wonder what I’m doing with my life, but it also gives you the only chance to see the most shy creatures in the nature. I had just woke up and I was looking at the same three trees I had looked for hours already when suddenly behind one of the threes a black creature slowly crawls towards the hide. This mystical wild wolverine has been on my wildlife bucket list for ages and there it is in front of me wandering in the morning mist. These are the moments I love and would not change to anything. #wild

~ What a great day photographing beavers today in Finland. Completely new animal that I had never even seen before. Finding this spot with beautiful scenery and no other people around was a dream come true. What a gorgeous creatures.

~ 🏡

~ After two hours of waiting the cloud coverage finally moved and the midnight sun painted the Senja Island mountains. Views from highest peak of Senja ☄️

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