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HIATUS!!!!  DM me if you want this acc! 😂

So cute jungcook teaching baby jungcook~lol💖😂

Wtf!! U did great job lmao..😂

What the heck😂😂

Yeah! Is this a hint of their comeback💓

I see no difference on this photo😁

Literally me i relate on this! Tbh..😩

Yeh! This two are really 😂😂


So me! Relatable👌

Jichu so adorable😄

This is a fresh start to do a backup acc..if you don't know my main acc..this is my main acc @_ljc15_ im active on this acc! u can follow me on that!! If you want..if your willing to follow that! well 'thank you' just ask me for a follback♡ and i have also a blackpink acc @queenjennie22 so im tryin to be active on this acc! So pls give some love and support..and like all my post and ofc i will lb too im doing stuff like fff, l4l s4s etc..and pls dont be a ghostie👻, guys! Im tryin to be active and if im ur ghostie too pls tell me, and i will like all ur recent post😸hope we will be friends guys! and that's all thank you!!✌😀

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