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Officer Fil Wisniak  Urban Foot And Bike Patrol with @kingstonpolice. Twitter @kp_beatcop. Emergency call 911/Non-Emerg 613-549-4660. Account is not monitored 24/7. No D.M


‪Can you spot what’s wrong with this?‬
‪Be aware of counterfeit bills when making purchases or selling items. #ygk #fraud #FakeNewsFakeBills

‪Out today assisting @CNRailway Police in joint enforcement. Keeping an eye out for Safey and trespassers near the rail lines. #ygk #JointForces #Police@therailcop

‪Set up all throughout the City of Kingston #ygk . Plan ahead and Dont Drink and drive. #DriveSafe checking not only for drivers under influence of alcohol but drugs as well.‬

‪We are doing a #RIDE Program tonight in #ygk and all this holiday season. Don’t drink and drive. #DriveSafe #ArriveAlive. Plan ahead and think others. ‬

‪This #dog was abandoned today in downtown #Kingston #ygk and left alone and outside since the morning. Help us find the owner that left the dog abandoned. Dog taken to the Humane Society safely to be feed and warmed up. Hopefully find a new home !‬

‪First location for #RIDE tonight. Remember everyone plan ahead and be smart about your decisions. #DriveSafe #ArriveAlive

‪Enforcing in high foot traffic areas. Reminder this a No Right Turn at red light at University Ave / Union st. Education and enforcement. #DriveSafe #stayAlert #stop #red#ygk #queensu

First stop downtown targeting high pedestrian areas where drivers fail to stop and are distracted. This driver did not stop for stop sign in high foot traffic area. #DriveSafe #ItCanWait #DistractedDriving.

‪Thank you everyone for your tips. Farrel was found by a good Citizen of #ygk last night who took him in and fed him after being left tied up to a pole by the dog thieves. He was returned to his owner safely! #ygk

‪Dog was stolen from owner and abandoned in #ygk last night. Help us find this bull mastiff mix. Picture is not actually dog but similar. Last known to be Queens or City park area. #queensu #ygk @queensu

‪Thank you everyone for supporting #Movember and getting the message out to support #MensHealth . #FightCancer #MentalHealth . With the final day coming to an end we hit over $3000! Our goal was $1000 at the start . Till next year #ygk

‪I think it’s time for @KP_Community to upgrade his phone . #GetWithTimes

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