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Hey guys, I just wanted to give you all a friendly reminder to follow my main account @kp.photographs because I don’t post on here anymore. Unfortunately I’ve moved on from the aviation community. However, one of my favorite parts of Instagram is building a community of people and interacting with all of you awesome people. So, because I’m no longer active on this page, I urge you to follow my active account so I still get to interact with all of you. The aviation community to me is so large, but still feels small. Everybody, despite their differences, have something to relate to each other. That’s a really strong bond. I wish all of the young and older avgeeks following me good luck in their future. I once had a dream to be a pilot, and if you do, remember that you can still reach the skies with enough determination. Thanks for everything.

Long exposure de-icing on a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 in December. It’s about the only 787 we get in Helsinki, besides they occasional Qatar 787 usually substituted with a 777 or a330 and a TUI 787 in the summer.

Long time, no post. I’ve been focused on my main page, @kp.photographs and I haven’t been very active on Instagram as I want to be...🤷‍♂️ Anyways, here’s a Finnair a320 landing here in Helsinki 🛬🤙

My first time spotting the new Finnair Marimekko ‘Kivet’ special livery! I think it looks pretty good on the A359, although not as iconic as the ones shown on the A330 and former Finnair A340. What are your thoughts on Finnair’s new Marimekko livery?

A Norwegian Air Boeing 737-800 approaching runway 04R in a very overcast Helsinki with some nice vortices trailing behind it. Happy new year everybody! 🎉 2017 was a great year for me, and a good year for aviation as well. I moved from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada🇨🇦 to Helsinki, Finland🇫🇮 this year, although I have been slacking a bit with aviation photography, my interest in general photography has risen a lot this year (if you aren’t aware, my main page is @kp.photographs ) so I’m interested to see how I can grow as a photographer. I’ve met so many new people this year that have made my year great as well that I’ll tag in the photo. 2017 wasn’t the greatest year for everybody, but let’s say cheers to a great 2018! 🎉❤️

Happy holidays from Helsinki, and from Finnair! Here you can see OH-LZL, a Finnair Airbus a321, fitted in this year’s special reindeer livery for the holidays. The lighting last night was really nice, the overcast clouds made really nice even lighting and the sunset looked amazing as well! I really like this livery, what about you? Finnair has also put the livery on an A319 and an A350.

A Finnair Airbus a319 exits runway 22L just after arriving from Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. I’m actually going to Lapland in December for about a week! Unfortunately I’m not flying (the prices are outrageously expensive... our family can put our car on a train to Lapland for much cheaper, and we will also be able to drive that car there which will also save money, as taxis in Lapland are also incredibly expensive); hopefully I’ll see the northern lights, I’ll see some reindeer and maybe ride a dog sled, and I’m going skiing. Sounds like a lot more fun than Spain or Greece, right?

Thinking back to the days when Air Canada was my local airport’s major airline... I do miss Canada a lot. (If you aren’t aware, I lived in Canada for about two years before moving to Helsinki, Finland) It’s such a unique country, full of so much diversity but yet such a rich truly Canadian culture that you can’t find anywhere else. If you live in the US and want to travel without having to go to Europe, Asia or South America, try visiting Canada. The west coast is home to mountainous terrain (amazing for skiing), beautiful tundra and snow covered landscapes of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, the bustling city of Toronto, Ontario in central Canada, beautiful Québec, and the incredibly unique Maritime provinces to the east coast. I highly recommend visiting all the different places and experiences Canada has to offer.

A Finnair Airbus a320 resting at the gate here in Helsinki, getting ready for its next journey to someplace else.

Here’s the tail of a British Airways Boeing 787-9 resting in Newark, New Jersey with the New York City skyline in the distance. Can you see the World Trade Center? As many of you may know, I was born in New York State and I have lived there a total of about five years of my life between living in other places. New York is my favorite US state, sorry Florida. Maybe because I was born there, but especially New York City I just love it. All the way from Lake Placid to Albany to NYC, it’s a great state. The city of New York is so unique too. When I used to live about an hour train ride north of NYC, we would go down there all the time and spend the day in the city. There’s nothing like it! Sure, Chicago and maybe Toronto are similar but there’s nothing else like New York. I haven’t been in the city since 2015 probably, but someday soon I have to go back. New York is like my drug. As much as I love Canada and Finland and how I want to see more of Europe and one day Asia, I always want to go back to New York. It’s like my friendly reminder of where my roots come from. The hustle and bustle of the city is what I love too; it’s so chaotic but the chaos is so systematic that it’s almost beautiful! New York to me is a shimmering light that despite all of the negative news I’ve been hearing about the USA recently, New York is always standing strong and proud. Maybe that’s why I love New York, it signifies dignity, grit but beauty and style at the same time. I love you, New York.

It's sad to see airlines and aircraft go. We recently lost Air Berlin to bankruptcy, whose last scheduled flight is October 28th. We've also lost or will lose Monarch Airlines, Alitalia, the Finnair a340 (last remaining aircraft left Helsinki for the last time about a week ago), the United, and Delta Boeing 747, the KLM Fokker 70, Southwest Boeing 737-300 and more... It really is the end of an era, especially with the loss of such iconic planes as the Boeing 747 or Finnair a340. But all we can do is say farewell to things lost and look onward to the future! So all of the negative losses to aviation recently don't make you too sad, here are three great things to look forward to in the future of aviation:
1.) Supersonic air travel is back, and better than ever. BOOM Aerospace and NASA are developing the next generation of supersonic passenger jets to follow the path set by the iconic Concorde that left service in 2003, which is set to start commercial service in the early 2020s (take into consideration that this aircraft will be quieter, faster and more efficient than Concorde ever was) but with the Boom XB-1 Supersonic demonstrator starting flights in 2018.
2.) Firna Airways, an upcoming UK based airline which has goals to operate as the third largest UK airline with ATR 72-500's, after 18-24 months Boeing 737-800s and Airbus a320/21s, and after 36 months Boeing 777s and a330s.
3.) Innovations and changes in the general airline industry; airlines are definitely looking out for new ways to make flying a more enjoyable experience for the average consumer. This means buying better planes, upgrading aircraft interiors and business models, improving service or offering great features to the flight experience.

Do I have any Canadian followers? As much as I love Finland, I do miss Canada. (If you're not aware I am half Finnish and half American with dual citizenship to both countries and I moved from Halifax, Canada to Helsinki, Finland in June) It's a great country, full of diversity, kind people and beautiful nature. I would definitely put Canada high on your bucket list for places to visit if you haven't already! (especially around this time of the year!)

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