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💗Koya Webb💗  CEO @GetLovedUp 💒Holistic Health Coach 🤸🏾‍♀️500hr Yoga/Meditation Teacher 📍Los Angeles 👇🏾Events and Eco Vegan Lifestyle👇🏾

With so much of my work requiring my phone, I spend a lot of time looking at my screen.
Spending long hours looking at electronic screens can strain your eyes and has contributed to the rise in nearsightedness. It can also cause difficulty focusing, dry/irritated eyes, sensitivity to light, fatigue, headaches and difficulty reading small print.
So I went to @lenscrafters for an eye exam (it’s been over 10 years🙈) They treated me like royalty and made sure I understood how to take the best care of my eyes! Although I have great vision, my time spent on Instagram and answering emails has put some strain on my eyes! 😬
Here's a self-care practice you can try to protect your eyes: For every 20 minutes you spend looking at a screen, try to look away at a distance of about 20 feet, for 20 seconds.💫
How long has it been since your last eye exam? Doctors recommend annual check-ins - and while you're there you can get some cute new glasses like these fabulous red Prada frames I picked out! Check my stories! They look good on everyone! #LoveWhatYouSee

As you build your strength and confidence in your daily practice, you build your strength and confidence in life. Enjoy the journey and celebrate your daily growth. Believe that your goals are possible, and they will be possible. 💫
I never thought I would be able to hold my forearm stand this long but with consistent practice it happened. #TRUSTTHEPROCESS #GETLOVEDUP #GODISLOVE
Day 5 of the #masteringhandstands with @MaxandLizAcro @Miz.Liz and @RootedinFlowing and I sponsored by @AloYoga @GetLovedUp @ToeSox @SunwarriorTribe Challenge is #ForearmPlank
• From plank position lower down and place your forearms on the ground about shoulder width apart with your shoulders over your elbows (mine are a bit too forward here🙈)
• Keep your palms flat on the ground or clasp them together if moving into forearm stand • Pull your navel in towards your spine keeping your back straight and your feet together. If u feel low back pain lift your hips slightly higher than your shoulders. •Hold for 30 seconds squeezing the toes and legs together towards the midline. Work towards 60 secs. •I added an advanced flow I was inspired to try in the moment that I hadn’t done in while. I wasn’t going to post it because I was feeling insecure about my cellulite in my lovely @aloyoga Leo then I thought... that’s exactly why I should post it. Happy Handstanding!💫
“Gods Plan” @champagnepapi

Just having a little Acro fun with @adam.hiner at @seedfw and @eatdrinkvegan events. Check my stories for a chance to win free tickets to the SEED!! #GETLOVEDUP #GODISLOVE 💫
Wearing @aloyoga and @iloveisola Mala ✨

Excited to be a part of the @SeedFW Summit this Wednesday at Hotel Indigo Downtown. I’ll be speaking from 4-4:45pm on “Plant Based Nutrition and Wellness for Healing and Optimal Health.”
Plan your whole day there as there will be other amazing plant-based experts presenting including my friends @sweetpotatosoul @queenofgreen @frommybowl @jasonwrobel @badassvegan @ecovegangal Ron Russell co-owner of @suncafela and MORE! Comment below if you’ll be there. *
Tickets are on sale now and each ticket includes VIP access to the Seed Grand Tasting on 5/25 and @eatdrinkvegan on 5/26. Use code “Wellness” to get $10 off your ticket! (Code expires tonight!) Seedfoodandwinela.com. Unfortunately I will NOT be teaching yoga at SEED because of a conflict of time but if you’d like to practice yoga with me Saturday come to the @Aloyoga Beverly Hills at 9:30-10:30am or Alo at the Grove at 12:30-1:30pm. You first class is FREE!! #GETLOVEDUP #GODISLOVE 💫

Happy Monday and welcome to Day 1 of our #masteringhandstands Challenge! It’s not too late to join if you haven’t already. Just find the challenge graphic a couple of posts back and repost it with a screenshot or repost app. 💫
Day 1 #masteringhandstands with @KoyaWebb @MaxandLizAcro @Miz.Liz and @RootedinFlowing and sponsors @AloYoga @GetLovedUp @ToeSox @SunwarriorTribe Challenge is Wrist Stretch
Wrist injury is one of the number one injuries when it comes to hand-standing. Usually this happens because of lack of proper warm up and strengthening of the hands and wrists before practice. @getlovedup has an online course with handstand experts @maxandlizacro that shows you all of the best warmups and strengthening exercises needed to practice handstands safely. Be sure to click link in my bio to check it out. 💫
Here I’m doing a super modified version of it on my balcony before I practice. #happyhandstanding #handstandhomework 💪🏾
Sunrise in my fave @aloyoga Check with @miz.liz for Day 2! ✨

Have you ever had chicken and waffles? Vegan chicken and waffles? They are SO good! The ones at @cafegratitude are made with oyster mushrooms and the dish is a perfect mix of sweet, salty and savory. Oh my my!!! #veganfoodrocks #dontknockittillyoutryit 😋😋😋

Fell in love with an Amethyst crystal that was taller than me. Her name is Helena and her owner taught me how to hug her. Crystals are very powerful healers and you can always find an array in my purses or pockets because I believe in their magical healing and strengthening powers. What are your favorite crystals? Here’s a little about Amethyst:

Amethyst is a popular and relatively rare form of quartz. It’s a fairly hard gem and can be found within geodes all across the globe. Amethyst is usually available in crystal form or as a mass. Its lovely purple color may come from trace amounts of iron or manganese in its crystal lattice. Many stones on the market are not naturally colored; they are often heat treated to produce a darker shade of purple.

Throughout history, the purple, lilac, and lavender amethyst crystal have been associated with royalty. The crystals have also been used for a variety of health conditions throughout the ages, ranging from alcohol addiction and sleep disorders to pain and mental dysfunction. While research has yet to conclude that amethyst actually helps decrease symptoms associated with these health issues, emerging data displays amethyst as a powerful compound possibly helpful for detoxification. @globalhealingcenter #GETLOVEDUP #GODISLOVE 💫
Matching in my Smoky Quartz @aloyoga captured by @jonny_juicer

Life can be beautiful and a beautiful mess all at the same time. The bliss and the BS have been hittin me so hard lately I feel like I’m spinnin. Thank God I’ve learned to stop that dial on LOVE and focus on my blessings while inhaling and surrendering to the lessons. It’s not always easy to be PEACE. I totally lose my sh*t sometimes and that’s usually a sign I’m stressed, overwhelmed or out of balance with my self care routine (or a combination of the 3 😆) As I prep for my 2nd @getlovedup yoga teacher training I go through a deep healing and purification process so I can hold space for others looking to heal and revel their best selves and guide others through the process. I’m SO grateful for the gift yoga and meditation has brought to my life and I plan to share this gift with as many people as possible. #GETLOVEDUP #GODISLOVE 💫
Chicago balcony backbend captured by @jonny_juicer wearing comfy smoky quartz @aloyoga

It’s HERE!!! The #MasteringHandstands challenge with @KoyaWebb @MaxandLizAcro @Miz.Liz and @RootedinFlowing is in FULL effect starting May 21st-3rd!! To Join: 🎉🎊Tag your Friends and Repost this Graphic 🎉We will help you build your core strength and learn handstands one day at a time. BEGINNERS this challenge and online course is for YOU! You don't have to know how to do all these poses or handstands now. Just do your best. We wanna see how much you’ve grown in a year after daily practice and using our online course. You will be surprised at what your body can do and how much your consistent practice will boost your confidence on the mat and in life.💫
Daily poses and fun variations will be posted the night before by the hosts. Here's what you need to do to join: •Repost this flyer, follow and tag all hosts in each post: @KoyaWebb @MaxandLizAcro @Miz.Liz and @RootedinFlowing •Tag all sponsors @AloYoga @GETLOVEDUP @ToeSox @Sunwarriortribe (If you don't want to win a prize u don't have to tag at all sponsors. Just enjoy the challenge and your prize is your growth)😉😘
•Tag your friends to join in.
•Post all new photos daily and use the hashtag #MasteringHandstands with each post. ------ •Prizes: 4 winners will be chosen at the end based on having 14 posts and engaging with the community through likes and encouraging comments. Winners will be announced around the 10th of June. 💫
------ •Winners will receive gifts from sponsors:
@AloYoga @ToeSox @SunwarriorTribe and @Getlovedup (digital downloads for international winners with no US address) 💞
------ Don’t wait. Repost this image now! Tag hosts, sponsors and #MasteringHandstands! Invite friends and get ready to get STRONGER inside and out! You got this!!! 🎉🎉🎉

When personally attacked by someone you love practice compassion. See where they are hurting and need love. Don’t take on their anger, frustration and pain. Put on your armour of LOVE and shower them with LIGHT. LOVE and FEAR can’t co-exist. #GETLOVEDUP #GODISLOVE 💫
These lovely blue doors were one of my favorite things about Greece. Captured by @maxandlizacro wearing @aloyoga 💫

💕GiveAway Alert!!!💕Join me for a Pop-Up @GetLovedUp Holistic Health Workshop in Chicago with Lauren Ash! Spend the evening indulging in transformative self-care, forgiveness work and sisterhood sessions with two of the leading ladies in the holistic health movement for women of color. Come with and open heart and willingness to step into your next level of greatness by using self love, oneness, and eco-friendly living as tools for growth and healing. Get ready to “Get Loved Up” one breath at a time and release anything holding you back from your next level of greatness. 💫

Event is TOMORROW Tuesday, May 15th 6-8:30pm in Chicago. Cost $25. For Location click link in bio. —-
We are so excited to host this event in a gorgeous @peerspace location. Peerspace is a platform where you can rent unique spaces by the hour for any occasion. I love booking with Peerspace to film content and host workshops - but the possibilities are endless! Click the link in my bio to explore the beautiful spaces and get 10% off your first booking.
I've partnered with Peerspace for this event to offer two lucky followers the chance to win free tickets to the workshop! To enter the giveaway, go follow @peerspace and tag a friend you'd like to join you in comments. 💫
For those of you not in Chicago and unable to attend the workshop, there's still a chance to participate in the giveaway and win $500 Peerspace credit! To be considered, go follow @peerspace and comment below how you would use a location of your own. Good Luck!! #sponsored
Top by @aloyoga 💫

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers and Motherly figures that bless the world with your unconditional LOVE. YOU ARE APPRECIATED AND VALUED as the worlds greatest gift. Thank you for all that you do to make this world a better place. I Love You Mom!! My Aunt Joyce and Aunt Sharon will be getting spoiled in your place today but I’ll have you in my arms soon enough to shower you with kisses, hugs and LOTS OF LOVE💕 ——
If you’re in Chicago mark your calendars for Tuesday 6-8:30pm. A Pop-Up workshop is brewing. Details coming soon! Also have an awesome giveaway coming up so be sure to turn on my post notifications!! Also check my stories to see the BIG SHIFT that’s happening with my family. I can barely contain myself!!! Is this real life?? 😆😆😆 #GETLOVEDUP #GODISLOVE 💫

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