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koyangibacalhau  Swiss | Made in Korea | Life of Opulence

Life of opulence no 120. Dine out at an Izakaya, Japan's own take on pub dining to get a glimpse of everyday life of Japanese people. Izakaya are often hidden from touristic circuits and hard to find #koyangiopulence #eatlocal

Life of opulence no 119. Walk 10000 steps a day to help your heart | Street of Ginza #koyangiopulence #travels

Life of opulence no 118. Sleep in a Work of Art | Artist Designed Hotel Room "Lucky Cat" by Hyogo Mino to bring good fortune (and money) in Minato-ku, Tokyo. On the ceiling, the artist wrote a message dedicated to Kone, his late beloved feline companion for 13 years. Too cute and so kitsch! 😻#koyangiopulence #travels

Life of opulence no 117. Travel light | One suitcase of 10 kg instead of 46 kg allowed + one Fanny Pack by @eastpak in collaboration with @paulandjoeparis as hand luggage πŸ‘›#koyangiopulence #minimalmood

Life of opulence no 116. Travel to Tokyo, Ito, Shuzenji and Kyoto πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅#koyangiopulence #japan

Life of opulence no 115. Seven to One | Singapore Sling and Moscow Mule at the Bar 🍹#koyangiopulence #cocktails

Life of opulence no 114. Visit your own city | Lausanne downtown, when the city meets the countryside πŸ‘#koyangiopulence

Life of opulence no 113. Afternoon treat. Some decadent mini cakes with a cup of tea 🍰#koyangiopulence #cake

Life of opulence no 112. Redecorate or rearrange a room in your own home | Moved furniture, had one wall painted in anthracite grey and purchased the Long Island 2 Corner Composition Sofa designed by @rochebobois #koyangiopulence #animistic_tenderness #izzidewisteria

Life of opulence no 111. Do your best at work | Aiming for Korea at the office, received this cute Manju 만주 (baked sweet pastry) stuffed with chestnut puree at the meeting πŸ―πŸ‡°πŸ‡·#koyangiopulence #pastry #ν˜Έλž‘μ΄

Life of opulence no 110. Wear floral prints | Souvenir Bomber Jacket from Lisbon 🌸 #koyangiopulence #animistic_tenderness

Life of opulence no 109. Visit the Masoala Rainforest where lemurs, birds and chameleons live freely (no cage, no glass) in their natural habitat | Zoo Zurich's objective is to become a center of nature conservation and spends annual contributions of at least 125,000$ since 1995 to preserve rainforest and to support sustainable farming in Madagascar among others πŸ’š#koyangiopulence #chameleon

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