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At wedding receptions I can be found in the back holding the bride's sleeping child🤗

If you boop her nose she giggles💞

My first trip to cedar point and this is the only group photo we got🎢

We graduated from college!🎓🎉 now we can spend the summer catching pokemon and crystal shopping🔮 I dont think you know how much I adore you but thank you for helping me through the last couple years of school. You're a great friend and study buddy and I wish you the best of luck as you continue on to get your masters😊

Our last minute attempt at B & V

You can tell me all you want that they aren't the real characters but I'll still wait in line to meet them👸🏻🎆 #waltdisneyworld

These guys had a new album come out yesterday so here's a picture of us after a concert🎉 proud of these dudes

"2017 was weird. Try again next year. Bye."

Perfection🌹🐝 #hopelessfountainkingdomtour

Dreams coming true at your local target store😭💕😍 thanks for letting me meet your pup Tia😊

In between my two dads😍😘😭 all of the members of Pentatonix were so so sweet and amazing thank you for a perfect night💕 #ptxmi

Reunited with Cody last night🤗 and finally got to meet the rest of the @setitoff guys who were all so sweet and I was so awkward and I apologize for that. Thanks for always being one of my favorite bands to see live🎉

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