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Koupe Protein Ice Cream  High in protein 🍨, 70% less sugar 🍯 & 40% less calories πŸ’ͺ🏻. Feeling good has never been so tasty. All the goodness, no guilt. ❀️ #Koupe

What do you need with hot temperatures like these? A fresh & fruity indulgence of Koupe Vanilla with protein, fibre, raspberries and blueberries! 🌞🍨 Tag your friends to share that second cone! 😎 #Summer

The best way to cool down during cardio? High protein Koupe Chocolate is always the right choice. Right, @sabhermans? 🚴🍦

Mini pumpkin bottoms, pink soy yoghurt, grapefruit, pecans and loads of ice cream. Don’t forget loads of ice cream! πŸ€— Thanks for this joyful scene @wendyvsoest!

Pizza and ice cream, a match made in culi-heaven! Check out the wonderful creation of @beaufood, combining @magionipizza and Koupe! πŸ¨πŸ• #Koupe #magionipizza

Guilt-free pizza meets guilt-free ice cream! ❀️ @magionipizza. Check out the recipe on their website and get your own Koupe Vanilla! #Magioni #Koupe

Parenting 101 - Always make the smart choice when it comes to ice cream. πŸ‘ΆπŸ¨ #KoupeVanilla

Say hello to the Dutch Royal Family! πŸ‡³πŸ‡±πŸ‘‘ #Kingsday #Koupe

Strawberry is secretly asking for attention, again.. πŸ˜… Give it some love at your supermarket and let us know what you think. Link in bio. πŸ“ #SmartStrawberry πŸ“·@michellexbruin

Do you always throw around confetti when eating a Vanilla Koupe? We know we would.. πŸŽ‰ #IceCreamParty @maxdezwaan

A perfect day to feed each other icecream, right @nonstopnikki.nl, @dutchbloggeronthemove & @millaamsterdam? 🌞 #MakeIceCreamNotWar

The possibilities are endless. @gezondereceptjes receptjes is Clever with Chocolate. Are you getting hungry? 😏 #CleverChocolate

Did you know that our Strawberry is made up out of 30% real fruit? @yanacanvas knows! πŸ“ #KoupeStrawberry

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