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There was a little incident with glitter at school so she's now known as "GlitterGirl". I say own that title and leave a little sparkle wherever you go. ✨

Calling all #inboundmarketing Jedi. How would you caption this? >> #theyaskyouanswer #thesaleslion #marcussheridan #contentmarketing

There's this boy who stole my heart.

She devised a pretty good plan of attack. If bad guys come after us tonight we're gonna throw potatoes and guacamole on 'em. So...

Because this year is about stepping into the arena, being vulnerable, and taking some chances... BIG LIFE UPDATE -- I have accepted a position as Chief Operations Officer at QuiltCraft Industries here in Dallas. What I look forward to most is modeling for my daughters and son what it means to live our values instead of just talking about them, even when it feels way outside of our comfort zone. Because that's where the magic happens and we get to experience God's powerful presence, grace, and blessing of bearing fruit in uncommon ways.

Six years ago I was crazy scared to make a phone call but I did it anyway. Flash forward to today, that same man I was calling now has a brand new book out and he even asked me to write the book foreword! Beyond grateful for the opportunity to champion Marcus' story and insights. I couldn't be more happy to support a great guy on a mission to revolutionize marketing, org culture, and the way we make an impact.
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When there's snow the ground and it's 7:30am on Saturday morning and you have a karaoke machine loaded with songs from Frozen, you tend to... Let it Go.

If Darth Vader’s Final Words Were Dad Jokes >> An Ewok strolls into a bar and says to the bartender, “I’ll have a whisky and …… soda.”
The bartender says, “Sure thing—but why the little pause?”
“Dunno,” says the Ewok. “I’ve had them all my life.”
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Scene: laundry folding dance party. Song choice: I Like to Move It Move It. Goal: everyone in bed by 8:00pm.

Let 2017 be warned... Life is tough, but so are you.

Which would you choose to read next? #harrypotter versus #shoedog #philknight

Confession... every year between Christmas and the New Year, I feel a new level of compassion for Captain von Trapp and his special whistle system.