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Kota Skiles  Stay true to yourself🌻 Work🚘 School✏️📚🍎 Crossfit💪&Zumba💃 addict! Snapchat me kotaskiles81🎀

This man right here literally makes me feel like the most special person in the world, as clique as that sounds. From day one he has gone above and beyond to make life easier, happier, more exciting and simple all at the same time. Ive been such an independent person full of determination for as long as I can remember. Which I wouldn't change for the world BUT with that comes a lot of fear, and doubt, and hesitation (& anyone who REALLY knows me.. A LOT of worrying😅). Now, old habits die hard but for the first time in my life I'm not afraid of the future. Time and time again this man has done nothing but support me & all of my dreams, big and little. Regardless how how much sleep he has or hasn't gotten to running around like a mad man to get to me right in time. He has shown me over and over that I will always have someone in my corner for all the good & the bad. Someone to make sure I've eaten during finals week, or gotten enough rest when I'm sick. Someone to makes sure we get in that night fishing before summers over or complete the task of moving my room five times. I could go on and on of things I'm overly appreciative for that this man has done for me but I'm most appreciative for his loyalty & support. I am SO LUCKY to have someone that genuinely cares about my happiness and reminds me that I'm capable of anything. I love you very much Korde Bryant, thanks for everything you do! I cannot wait to make all of our dreams come true together.❤️

Goodness, I sure do love this man💚💛💙

I currently have extra on hand & a day off!💙 Who would like a delivery?!😄

We managed to to fit in another date night to our summer! Korde and I took our first trip to the drive in together. We loaded down the truck with tons of blankets and pillows. Had cold drinks & lots of snacks. Witness one of THE COOLEST shooting stars I have ever seen🤓.... and even managed to fall asleep through the entire second movie.👵🏼👴🏼😂 All in all we had a really great time! I strongly suggest everyone gets in a drive in experience this summer!

Oh yeah! & for those of you who don't recognize the guy in the picture..Korde shaved off his beard.😱🤗

Finally got to spend the day on the river with my favorite person💙! We both managed to get 7 whole hours away from work and projects at the same time (which hardly ever happens). Our day was spent kayaking & fishing until we couldn't any more🎣 All together we brought in 13 fish and made it to our end point right as the sun was setting. & of course I took the win with a 2.5lb small mouth😉I really couldn't have asked for a better day! Life is pretty good with this fella☺️

So I woke up this morning and literally couldn't get myself out of bed. Thankfully, I have the man right here❤️. He not only lifted me out of bed and fully got me ready, but took me straight to a massage therapist so I could get out and enjoy the day.. pain free🙏🏼! We spent the rest of our Saturday exploring Tennessee. We went to the aquarium (anyone who knows me can only imagine my excitement), rode a roller coaster through the mountains, had dinner at Hard Rock with some friends & finally tried Marble Slab! As if things weren't unusual enough we spent the past hour in the hotel basement, powerless playing cards with two kids, waited out a storm. Although it wasn't what we expected we had the best time☺ I'm so blessed to have someone who takes such great care of me & makes life so enjoyable. I think I'll keep you @k_detring24😉😘

Rang in Hubs 10th with the two best friends a girl could ask for😄❤️

I completely love my goofball and all of our happiness😊💙 life is pretty great with you.. @k_detring24

Beautiful days like today make me wanna jump in a car and go for a road trip with my best friend🌾🚗🎶 @k_detring24 ❤️ #wishfulthinking #soblessed✌🏼

Good morning friends☺! My 4th order of the AP24 whitening tooth paste is in and ready for delivery💜. I'll be private messaging each of you through out the day to arrange a pick up point! I'm so excited to see each of your results😆. If anyone is curious to know more information feel free to contact me☺I'll be placing my 5th order Monday April 3rd!

Putting in my next order first thing Monday morning! I have reached 100+ sales in LESS THAN A MONTH mostly from friends of customers! The results speak for themselves! This product has NO HARMFUL PEROXIDES! It's safe for kids ages 3 and up along with pregnant women. It safely removes prior stains restoring your teeth to their natural white & prevents plaque build up! The clean feeling is unreal! Last but not least, (my favorite part) this paste causes no harm to your enamel & protects teeth from sensitivity! If anyone would like to get more info or place an order feel free to comment or pm me😁💙 #AP24 #brightwhite #resortation #smile #loveyourteeth

I already want to go back🎶🇨🇱

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