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Kosha Dillz  New song “other side of happiness” ft @alvarezkings - click the link

So far in the holy land of 🇮🇱 my experience has been trash in regards to content (😻 @lovedeb)

“Let’s go to Libya !!” said no jewish rapper ever. There are currently no Jews in Libya today, even though their presence dates back 2000 years. The last jew alive in Libya was in 2003, and it was eve rumored that their former leader Gaddafi was part jewish. I find it sad that in a middle eastern airport; we all eat expensive airport food , and coffee and fly next to each otter and charge our phones in the same walls, but their government leaders can’t get along in real life. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️☮️☮️ next stop! tEl Aviv . 🇮🇱

Nobody cares except you Tour is a wrap! I am headed to turkey x Israel right now after an overnight drive from Las Vegas and a packed out show with @devmomusic x @jtlbaby . if you met me on this tour , drop a comment!!! I wanna make sure we stay in touch and love each other forever.

Stan Lee autographed my copy of wolverine #1 from marvel when I was about 8 years old I think. Today we lost a legend, so I had to drop bars out of respect to a legendary Jew from 1922. (📷 @devmomusic ) tag 2 friends that love Stan Lee and grew up on comics.

At one point the other year I decided to tour across America in 7 days and had 7 days to set it up. After some shabbat dinner at Sundance and opening up for @wizkhalifa i ended up staying in a random mansion looking out the windows to a snow capped Utah. Utah has been a beautiful place so great to me and we are ending our tour tomorrow in Las Vegas. As I type tris right now we are rolling thru the hills of snowy Wyoming for our Utah show tonight @kilbycourt and finish the tour tomorrow in Las Vegas at @beautybarlv . Then 18 hours after that i will manage to drive back to la, stash the merch and fly to Israel.
My new song is out too featuring my good friends the @alvarezkings . I really have it so good, this thing called life :) I really do love you all.
Thx @nicolemago for this epic 📷.

Last festival of the year is tonight in Denver! Thank you @sonic_bloom_ for the massive opportunity. Everything is working out the way it is supposed to.

I have a new song out. It features @alvarezkings . Happiness. Sadness. Realness. It’s all in here. Perfect for the weekend reflection or morning after. What ya think? Link in bio.

Stream Other Side of Happiness ft. @alvarezkings on @AppleMusic. It comes out at midnight!!!

Sooo excited for a nearly sold out St. Louis show tonight! This is a public invitation to @nelly and the st. Lunatics to come thru!!! Tag nelly and doors 6:30 💧💧💧

Excited to go to Israel next week! But ...after seeing a post from @Banksy about visiting Palestine since, "The Israeli army liked it so much they never left!" brings to mind the old Nazi propaganda into the picture....I know as my whole family was killed by them! This is something we need a lot less of right now. It deflects attention from the horrible atrocities against American Jews after the worst anti-Semitic attack in history. I’d rather use this as a time to promote peace and unity (like interfaith services and group fundraisers via Muslim and jewish communities ) versus hate and splitting sides with over 500,000 likes and 12,000 + comments. We have a platform to educate and encourage people to come together. Why split them up? I'm sharing positivity, promoting dialogue, and solutions, not hate, division and misinformation.
My boy @Diwon and his friend, @SeyxYes; Created this image that shows the reality.

Indianapolis was a gem. Nap town is a place to make friends (📷 @indylivephoto )

Awww yeahhhh nap town! We are performing epic songs of rap in celebration of you voting. Elvis once played on this stage at the indiana state fair. (📷 @mara.luedeman )

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