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Grumy Witch  strange and unusual


No houses for this girl

baby's first tattoo is, of course, extremely nerdy. photo cred to @cest_vrae
👽the truth is out there🚀

This yard always reminds me of a Monet painting

This guy thought it was gonna stay warm after yesterday. Wrong.

80 degrees for the first and probably last time until May. Enjoy it while you can, Chicago.

All dogs go to heaven, whether we're ready or not. I was lucky enough to get almost a dozen years with The World's Smallest Dog™ , but it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye. Love you, Scout.

Evidently my dad only wears this particular jacket at Christmas time and also has never washed it because look what he found in the pocket.

Catching the Polar Express

I am so proud of this man front and center here who just got hired to work on Broadway's revival of Miss Saigon! I saw Casey work so hard every day for 4 years because he had a dream and he followed it. Northwestern set him up for success but his drive and passion pushed him through. To help the next Casey Reed reach their dreams, donate before midnight to #CatsGiveBack . Congratulations, Casey! Love, your best friend and shamless promoter, Courtney. #Northwestern

Talk about Swamp Dwellers

Its 76 degrees out on Thanksgiving

I walked in on @hardcorewumbo and @wutangruth baking funfetti cupcakes and I had NO idea they were gonna be for me!!! *note the "CQ" in the middle

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