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Don't Forget 10.Oct.14  ✏️artist✏️ I love anime! Korra is my nickname,So when I say korra I'm referring to myself. And kittens are followers 😻I love all my kittens❤️💛💚💙💜


Hi guys, I have made up my mind to leave This account because honestly it's not doing anything for me. I have an FMA fandom account but that's going to be it. I guess bye

Has anyone else experienced this?

Omg I forgot to post this yesterday for Valentine's Day. But here it is. (Ps. AU is the chemical meaning for gold.) I laughed so hard at this because I'm a freaking science nerd.

This is where I live.... Yes I spend most of my time there. I mean really there's my copics, pencils, paper, laptop, Ed (holding a cat XD), and a spiny chair. I'm set for life. And most of the time I play some music. This is my heaven, where I can be myself isolated from the world... I really like it.

Okkkk someone asked me what song I thought described me the best and I have to say it's this one. The song is Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace. There are a LOT of fighting thing about me that know one knows and this song is exactly how I feel about it.... And that's why I picked it. (Ed looks so hot in this pic.... Don't judge)

What kind of picture is this

My attempt at trying to make something look cool. I used copics to try to make a water color effect. I guess I did okish

Japan why!!!!! WHY!!! YOU JUST LOVE STEALING ALL OF MY MONEY!!! responsibility: you can do it you don't need them! Me: your right. *breaths heavily and walks away* responsibility: there that wasn't that bad. Me: your right. *looks back and grabs games* *walks away with no money and two new games* responsibility: I knew it.


Omgggggg BÆ

If you haven't yet I would love for you to check out my story on wattpad. (link in bio) the name of it is anime high, yes it is a high school with anime characters in it however it's also different at the same time. I feel as if I'm doing good with it, of corse I'm not forcing you but at the same time I'd like to know what you think.

This song reference..... "Pain without love, pain can't get enough, pain I like it rough cuz I rather feel pain than nothing at all." Well that is the chorus.

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