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Roland Kőrösi  ART KINGDOM DANCE COMMUNITY @akdancecommunity ART KINGDOM FÉLEGYHÁZA @akfelegyhaza SIDE EFFECT & AK GENESIS BME University🎓 Based in Budapest🇭🇺

OUT of comfort zone! ☄️☄️☄️ Song by @y2heru 🙏🏼 @akfelegyhaza

Javában benne vagyunk tavaszi versenyszezonban, had mutassam be az idei @artkingdom_genesis csapatomat🔥 Büszkeségek🙏🏼

Törzskönyves Beagle Urak jelentkezését várom!😏😬🐶😂

🇫🇷🥖🧀🍷 #bonjour


Ez itt a kert ⛰

Always Full OUT!!!💥 A hundred percent, a hundred and ten percent!☝🏽 @21savage @akdancecommunity @akfelegyhaza


They smashed it💥 Friday funday with my kidz✌🏽 @travisscott @akfelegyhaza @akdancecommunity

#lethergo piece in my advance class🌪 Mood is always on the 🔝 with my lovely kidz thank You for your support!👐🏽 Opinion? @akfelegyhaza @akdancecommunity @6lack

Our last weekend was really intensive.. Me and my Brother, @geridinnyes had an opportunity, to create a collab together. Like 1 year ago, the class and the energy was soo 🔥👌🏽 Thank U everybody, who came and took our vibe!🙏🏼 Check our last project!🐐🐐 @akdancecommunity @y2heru #lsd #collab