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kori leigh  🖤women's self-care coach ✨author & public speaker 🖤Ritual Of Self-Care Tele-Course© ✨C.H.N nutrition consultant 💌 Kori.hagel@gmail


Self care is fluid. What works in one phase of life does not always work in the next; this is exactly why we must self-date & continue to tend to the gardens of our souls with compassion, diligence & curiosity.
What do you want more of in your life?
What is no longer serving you?
189 days ago my life took a very unexpected turn -- it was a turn so fierce I thought it would take me out. For 189 days I took life one breath at a time, so slow & so steady. I focused on tending to my heart, & the most simple of self-care.
These past few days I have found myself editing my life, looking closely at that which is clogging my garden, that that no longer serves me, & that that is dragging me down.
I've also spent time planting seeds, finding the magic of hope & tending to the beautiful sprouts that are growing.
It's taking courage to exert new boundaries.
It's not easy at times to uproot the old, as I am transplanted into the new.
It's a death. & a rebirth.. all at once. It's confusing, & exciting, & brilliant, & beautiful.
It's uncertain & I'm not sure how it will all unfold.
I can say however, that coming back to the drawing board with some ruthless intentions of editing has been a beautiful process.
Tonight I'm feeling so blessed.
I'm not sure where it's all going, but I'm fucking grateful for all that has brought me right to where I am in this very moment.
One foot &I then the next.
Slow & steady.
Im still choosing love, & love is still always my answer.

What does self-care mean to you? •

To me, self-care is all about learning to lean into the places we reside & listen to the calling our hearts. It's learning to trust the self, to love the self, to have compassion for the self. Self-care is about nourishing the mind, body, & soul. Self-care is our anchor, our rooting system, our atlas. Self-care demands that we get to know the self on an every.day.basis through self dating, self observation & curiosity, & self awareness. •

Teaching Self-care is the art I have dedicated my life to -- it's so damn important. I gather the women, & we cultivate the game changing art of self-care... as a sisterhood.
It's powerful.
Really powerful. •

Jan 9, 2018 we begin round 6 of A COURSE IN THE RITUAL OF SELF CARE -- a course for women only, all over the world, to learn how to nurture her own soul. Weight loss - yes. Boundaries - yes. Elixir making - yes. Label reading, detox, liver love, gut health, meditations, healthy relationships - YES. Make 2018 the year of RADIANT WELLNESS, give yourself the gift of health.
To take advantage of the GRATITUDE SALE just click on the link in my bio. •

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Sending you love.

serenity is my first priority. when i am connected my centre, at one with my breath, & in a state of rooted self-care i am able to show up better for the world.
getting sober has taught me a few things -- 1st of all, my days can only be accomplished one day at a time, i can not allow myself to obsess & worry about the tomorrow's, my only point of power is right here & right now.
one step at a time.
2nd -- i may have the capability to show up moment to moment in this beautiful with my whole heart, however i do not control the outcomes of my life. surrender has been a huge part of my healing journey. when i surrender, & i give up the illusion of control, i find that serenity washes over me & i interact with each moment of my day in a more graceful manor.
3rd -- my addict brain is fucking obsessive. OBSESSIVE.
it's insane how much this brain of mine obsesses. it will obsess about anything & everything, & as soon as it's done obsessing about one thing, it simply switches to a new obsession. it doesn't care what it obsesses about -- it just wants to obsess.
i can see now that having wine used to be such euphoria for me simply because it was a break from my fucking obsessive mind.
a relief from self.
a chance to breathe.
today I am learning that this is simply the nature of the wiring my brain, & that i am not in fact my thoughts.
i am learning -- through prayer, breath work, & surrender -- to allow my thoughts to ebb & flow, & no matter how chaotic they are, i am learning to sit in the eye of the storm.
serenity is my job for today, & today is the only day i need to worry about.
serenity keeps me grounded, it's keeps me connected to the cosmos, & it allows me to exercise compassion & grace while i figure out how to walk this human path.
sobriety has been the greatest gift; it's totally changed my whole world. It changed my outer world completely, & it recalibrated my inner world in the most amazing ways.
Sobriety gifted me contentment, faith, & humility.
298 days. Wow. What a journey.

You got it ladies, #acrsc is still on the GRATITUDE SALE.
What is this course you ask?
Well let me tell you.. It's a course for women, by women. We dive into the heart of all things self-care from label reading, to weight loss, meditation, elixir making, allergies, detox, healthy boundaries, morning rituals, bowl movement education, goal setting, & way more.
There is a private FB group, & all calls are done over the phone -- plus they are recorded, so any woman ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, can listen. Each week comes with a handout, plus recipes.
BONUS in Jan... an online elixir recipe book.
This is the perfect course to kick off the new year -- we start Jan 9th & space is limited.
Want to sign up?
Just click on the link in my profile or send me a DM.
What is your fav self care ritual?

Who's excited for winter running?
I am.
Movement is a key component to my self-care regime; it keeps me strong both physically, mentally & spirally.
It's an opportunity for emotional processing, reflection & thinking.
I don't know where I would be without fitness, it's key to my sanity.

my morning was a morning of self-care & ritual. it's been a while since I took part in my "normal" self-care rituals -- life demanded something significantly more simple from my soul these past few months -- the self-care was focused more on breathing in, & breathing out.
So simple.
One teeny step at a time.
I had no power in my soul to do much more.
But as the clouds part & this healing pilgrimage continues, & each day I feel more & more like myself, I can see some of the old rituals that feed my soul so deeply return. & as they return, I am rejoicing for I AM HEALING.
Self care saved my soul. It's saved my sanity & my life more times than I can count. Self-care has been my grounding force, my rooting system, my anchor. Self-care enables me to stay in the eye of the storm when life is chaos.
This morning was all about ritual : on my knees prayer, gratitude, incense, lemon water, supplements, morning fuel & coffee.
Lemon water in the morning is supportive of digestive health, & detoxifying. Taking the time to self care is a message to the self saying "I am worthy of love". I'm so grateful.
I'm grateful for my sobriety, I'm grateful for the amazing work I get to do & the number of women that have already signed up for {a course in the ritual of self care}, I am grateful for the food I get to craft with, & the women I get to coach. I'm grateful that my craft is writing & that so soon I will be birthing ATLAS OF DARKNESS into the world. I'm grateful for my tribe, & for the love that has entered my heart.
I'm grateful that I surrendered.
This path has been fucking hard, & it nearly took me out... but, it didn't. & here I am... rising. Healing. Filled with so.much.gratitude. •

Join us in Jan for 9 weeks of intensive self-care rituals & sisterhood building. {a course in the riyals of self care} will teach you how to honour your heart, fuel your body, check in with you soul. It will teach you how to eat well, loose weight, & love your body naked. It will be your light on dark days, & your grounding force on the brightest of days. It's the work I adore. Join us for 9 weeks for $222.00 -- 50% due when you sign up & 50% before we start.

I had such a heart filling 5 days.
My soul is truly overflowing with so much gratitude that I have no words.
I knew the forest fire of my life would leave beautiful soil for new growth, but I was not even close to prepared for the sheer magic that was about to enter my life. Nothing could have prepared me for this level of light... nothing.
It's blinding.
It's beautiful.
It's beyond anything I ever knew would come my way.
This life has yet again rendered me totally speechless, in complete awe, & deeply humbled.
I bow to you life, I bow in gratitude, in humility, & in reverence.
Thank you for healing my heart, thank you for sending the very right things that my soul yearned so deeply for. Thank you for taking away the things I thought I needed, thank you for the hard lessons, & the strength to move through them.
Thank you for seeing me, believing in me, & loving me.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I've never had more faith in my life than I do now. I bow to you.

Self care is fluid & flexible -- I say this to my clients all.of.the.time; self-care is not something we "attain", it's something rather that we cultivate & grow with. 🖤
You are an evolving human, & with that comes evolving needs -- what you needed yesterday may not be what you need today. 🖤
Self care requires self-dating, self-knowing & fluidity. 🖤
Self care is key to our survival, & more importantly, it is fundamental if we want to have full enough "wells" to love the shit out of the rest of the world. 🖤
I've been sort of inward these past 6 months -- inward & trying to heal the most broken heart I have ever had -- but today, I am proud to say that I'm healing, I'm healing like never before & I'm ready to see the world again, to share the self care journey, to inspire & be inspired. 🖤
Stay tuned for the next month over here on my IG home as I dive deep into all things self care from food, to tribe, to love, orgasms, elixirs, sleep practice, self awareness, meditation, & play. 🖤
All of it... one month of all the rituals. 🖤

Also -- do yourself a favour & go to @wildandraw, the new desserts are fucking insane. IN.sane.

Self worth.
Pic: @soulwanderlust_

Grateful to have this has my backyard. 🖤 grateful for the humans in my life. 🖤 grateful for my mending heart. 🖤 grateful for love -- so damn grateful for love. 🖤 grateful for another day of adventures today. 🖤

This weekend has been & continues to be pure magic.
Gratitude has become the guiding force in my life.

It's all new; the inner world, the outer world, all of it. & i could not be happier.

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