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This has been a major, major, MAJOR lesson in my life -- oh my goodness, so major.
I tend to make up a story & project it onto a human, as if they are a blank canvas. They show me their (not so bright) true colours again & again, & in the past I've said "no way, no fucking way.. your good, your bright, your honest, I see your magic". That is called denial.
This is self-deception.
People tell us who they are, often times directly in their words, & always through their actions.
Pay attention.
TRUST yourself.
Learn to listen, learn to trust your gut, & learn to uphold your boundaries.
You deserve good things, & amazing humans. Period.
Expect the most for yourself.
Do not settle for darkness & lies. Surround yourself with humans that walk the talk, that live with integrity, honesty, & ethics. Choose the best, most high vibe people to jam with -- & for heavens sakes, listen when they tell you who they are... they are not lying.
Pic: @soulwanderlust_ (one of my FAV IG sisters, follow her!)

Body nourishment for the win.
Cacao walnut mylk + my tattoo says "love wins"; I'm feeling all of that cacao/love-wins/gratitude this morning.

One small step at a time, the next best thing.
Tending to the garden of my own heart on the most awe inspiring healing pilgrimage of my life.

This has been my homework assignment from the cosmo's -- "learn to love self", they said -- & so, I did.
I learnt it the hard way.
I learnt it by falling into such intense self-hatred I had no choice but to die or climb out with self-compassion.
I made a choice back then, I climbed out.
That was 3 years ago.
I'm learning a whole new layer of self-care & self-love these days; it might be the most tender, most intimate, most magical experience I've ever had.
It's been divine.
I've been thrown to my knees.
I have found the gifts of divine will & surrender.
I found the golden gem of acceptance.
I've never felt so tender in my heart, ever.
It's bizarre & whacko & divine all at once.
I'm really, really grateful to be alive, & counting each of my blessings. I'm really grateful for the path I've traveled, & the lessons I've have the pleasure to face.
I'm pretty humbled in this moment, so thanks for baring witness.
Pic: @bravebabesmovement

"Life repeats itself mindlessly - unless you become mindful, it will go on repeating like a wheel" - osho

I've spun out of the wheel.
I'm looking forward & all shadows have fallen behind.
I'm self-caring the shit outta my soul.
I'm grounded, humbled, willing, grateful.
One step & then the next.
The journey ahead looks inviting, doesn't it?
Pic: @kaihlatonia

That 2nd line gives me the chills.
Learn to love self.
Cultivate fierce self-loyalty.
Know when to walk away, know when to pour your heart & soul in, & know without question what your boundaries are (& then be brave enough to uphold them). Never abandon self. Never. Ever.
Know that you are so fucking capable of taking care of your own self-garden.
Ending Tuesday on a power note.

my value is courage.
courage doesn't mean we are born brave, it means we rise to any occasion, it means we step forward even when we are shaking in our boots.
often i'm shaking in my boots; i rise anyway.
Pic: @teganjaydutton

These "raw balls" might be the best thing I've ever made, I may have eaten 6 of them today lol 😂. Soaked dates, organic home made PB, pumpkin seeds, hemp, coconut oil covered in cordyceps rosehip chocolate, then sprinkled with coconut flakes & gogi berries.
Ok... yummmmm.
So divine. Mother Earth, you humble me dearly.

I have certainly been cracked open,
more open than I have ever felt, ever.
My heart feels like it now beats on the outside of my body, & it's both painful & beautiful all at once.
So thank you, for cracking me open.
Pic: @spiritual_af

Raw balls with some unreal ingredients (cordyceps, rose hip 🥀, cacao, pumpkin seeds, hemp, coconut flakes & more...) want to know how to make these? All steps are in my IG story ☝🏻

Cowboy boots + cacao.
I'm so blessed to do all the work I do.

Happy birthday little wizard, merlot 🎈You light up my life, thanks for being my side kick 🎉 .

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