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Korie  I like many things such as photography, All things Disney, enjoy hanging out w/ F&F you can check us out on YouTube schultzfam


I wonder what's Happening in 77 days? What does this mean? I guess I'm just going to have to keep on wondering!

So this is happening! Lots and lots of cutting! Fun times😊❤️😱

That is 18 pairs of a Christmas stocking in Muslin cut to line the inside of some stockings! #notaseamstress #help #igotthis oh boy! Almost done Wendy!

Long long time ago! I am in there I promise! I got up at the butt crack of dawn to be in this picture! I know it's hard to see me, or anyone for that matter! #CM #dca #dca16 good grief a long time ago!

#dca16 I can't believe this was 16 years ago at the cast member preview! #dca #dlr #16yearsago time flies!

#dca #disneylandresort jusr chillaxing on a bench for a hot minute!

That's a big crane I said! To which Matthew replied that's Mr crane to you! #disneyland #starwarslandconstruction

I think everyone had the same idea! #disneyisalwaysbusy what the heck!

It's what's for dinner! #yummy #dinner #pickupstix

This book hold all our dreams and ideas for the year! Can't wait it all to unfold!

@knottsberryfarm getting our grub on!

My contribution to #spaceshipearthsunday #notapainter #amateur have a fun and safe one gusts and gals!