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κorfιαη  Debut EP 'Baroque' out now 🎧 Based in Greece 🇬🇷

It's been a long long time since @xtina brought tears to my eyes. This ballad is called 'Twice' and it's stuck in my head & heart since day one. Here's a chorus for goodnight 🌛⭐ @christinamariaaguilera @christinaaguileraxo #christinaaguilera #liberation

An actual representation of me giving closure to those never-ending songs 🎯 I guess some good things should come to an end before they get bad. Before we overanalyze them to death. #musicianlife #electronicmusic #goals #closure #moodoftheday

So lucky and blessed for I got the chance to visit the amazing Prague Castle 👑 Got lost in the magical, midieval aura of the Golden Lane, where the goldsmiths used to live, while I was blown away by the magnificence of St. Vitus Cathedral. A breathtaking masterpiece. Smelled the vibrant royal gardens bursting with flowers🌷and walked around numerous halls, palaces and towers. It's a sublime experience and I just hope everyone will have this opportunity at some point! #praguecastle #stvituscathedral #blessed

In case you've missed it, www.korfian.com contains all the lyrics of the Baroque EP and a Subscribe button to keep you updated. 💌 #baroque #electronicmusic #home #fridayreads

Strolling the streets of Plaka, Athens. No matter how I resent the architecture of this city, I could never deny the beauty of its hidden graffiti gems. #graffiti #athens #stroll

Not celebrating women as women (would be unfair since men never get celebrated, so...) but grabbing this chance a day after 😅 to give credit to some of the most influential women in my life. Thankful to @zolajesus for helping me elevate my dark side and express it through music. @nicolekidman for bringing stunning, meaningful characters to life. @natasatheodoridou for passionately transmitting the liberation of pain. @xtina for being the soundtrack of my growth. @florence for letting me know that it's ok to be loud. @ionnalee for being the best example of thriving weird and unbound.#belated #womensday

Tonight I received this drawing of the Baroque cover art by @nando_bonk and so, I take this chance to tell you how happy & honored I feel for your messages about the music. This is beautiful and I can't wait to finish & share the next project which is currently in progress. Much love xoxo. #grateful

Throwback to the days I was shooting the music video for 'Time Traveler'! Florence kept getting in the frame like a poser no matter how hard I tried to make clear it was NOT her video... Anyway, here's a pic with @florence ! 😅 One of my greatest inspirations...For real...Enjoy! #tbt #florenceandthemachine

Taking advantage of some pro lighting at work 😎 A whole ton of ideas for 'dressing' the new music visually but I'm sure, in time, I'll figure out what fits most. PS: My friend thinks of me as Freddy Krueger every time I wear this jumper. #shooting

Showcasing this amazing LaRoux collection, one that makes me really proud as a fan 😊 Electro-pop beats with a vintage feel, keeping their character throughout the discography...Music that makes the best background for your summers! Sadly, Ben Langmaid has left the duo but, hopefully, Elly will keep offering us great music! #laroux

Hey there 🙋 Just updating my 'alive' status. Life has been pretty uneventful the last few days (with exceptions not to be shared) so, not much to say. Mostly work, music and gaming. Kind of struggling with the songs I'm currently working on but it's all part of the process. I'm pretty optimistic about the outcome and I can't wait to share it! All in good time! Cheers 😊 #studiolife

A couple of thoughts to share with you all. #resolution

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