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Koreena Hurd 🍓  Do your thing 🌎

I’ve never seen anyone as fierce and fiery as you. Someone who has never once pretended to be anything but herself. Brave. Fearless. Oh so loving and caring. Watching you morph into a woman has been one of the greatest gifts given to me. Shyanne I love you. Continue to pave your own path. 💗#internationalwomensday #strong #sisters #nooneelseidrathershareafullboxofpastawith #whocaneatmoreolivegardenbreadsticks #itsme #yougetme

You made flowers grow in my lungs, and although they are beautiful, I can’t breath. #springfever #flowerchild

‘I will lie here forever and sing to you all the things I stopped myself from saying when we were alive’ live life as an open book, be bold baby. Let me just say I took this photo with my little hand 🤭🤭 my one opposable thumb is in the photo 👍 #lookmanohands #how #idk #somepeoplearejustbornblessed #handicapable #amiright 😂👐🏻

I’ve had such an urge to travel lately. To experience the unknown. To challenge myself. To find places that are new to me and connect with new people. This photo was taken on the 9th of February 2017. Aubrey and I drove around the entirety of Maui over the course of the weekend. We listened to feel good music, drove along the cliffs, saw the luckiest of cows living in a pasture with the most stunning view of the open ocean. We slept on the beach, got açaí bowls, swam in the ocean, drove on roads that were only wide enough for a single vehicle. A weekend full of laughter and sunshine. I’m ready for my next adventure. It’s just about deciding where to go. 🤔 #wanderlust

2018 is the year to build each other up. #findyourpower

The art of being free, not just because the boobs are out #freethenipple but because these scars that run down my body make me Koreena. #burnsurvivor #lit #riseagain #ace #alittlesideboobneverhurt #sorrymom #goodthingdaddoesntknowhowtoworktheinternet #scartexture

“We are all born so beautiful, the greatest tragedy is being convinced we are not”
Let us love our bodies for how they are now, for they truly deserve it.
Thank you for drawing with me Rebekah, as always love you 🖤🖤🖤

Don’t Instagram while drunk... too late, I love you forever! 😍

Two of my favorite photos of my mother! She taught me how to be. How to love and to care. How to feel my emotions fully without hesitation. She taught me how to be strong, not just for myself but for others too. I taught her a couple of things too. How to not take life so seriously, that it’s okay to be goofy and laugh at ourselves. I also help her love herself daily because a woman like this deserves to be told how beautiful she is every day! She birthed five children and still has the legs of a 20 year old athlete #werkitgurl she has a heart made of pure gold and I’m grateful to have her! #thanksforhavingsexatleast5times #sorryforembarassingyoueverytimeweareinpublic #loveyourself #iknowhowtomakeatleast6differentfooditemsbecauseofyou #ifyoudyeyourhaireveryotherdayyouwonthaveanygrays #butyoullalsobebald #tipoftheday

This was my favorite sunset of 2017. We were 10,000 feet up, superior to the clouds. The air was so cold and crisp. We huddled in a comforter perched on the edge of the cliffs. Waiting. The sun set so slowly and my face stung in the wind. The bursts of colors happened suddenly, I was afraid to blink. The sun commanded my attention. It was quiet, almost like everyone was holding their breath, we all realized we were witnessing something spectacular. #maui

Braving the cold with an early morning yoga love sesh at the lemon tree yoga studio filled with bugs flying up noses and hip openers Diana Kloepfer! 🤸‍♀️ A day yesterday eating all the vegan foodstuffs with my lovely mother Valerie L Wells 💗 completed with a therapeutic massage from my soul Rebekah Nelson! 😅 surround yourself with strong uplifting women and you will feel blissed out too ! 💕

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