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Angela Ricardo Bethea  👸🏻 Making Motherhood & Parenting Easier 👠 One stylish update at a time 🏅 Brand Ambassador 💌 koreanbarbie@icloud.com ↯ read my latest editorials

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Feeding time all comes down to essentials 💕

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Since giving birth I haven’t been comfortable with my own body. By breastfeeding I feel as if everything that grazes my chest are covered with pins and needles. I had to be picky with my undergarments. Which is also why this cotton brallete and underwear from @Jockey is my go-to so I can conquer the day in style & comfort.

That’s why I highly recommend the ❝ Retro Stripe Collection ❞, you can still be cute and cozy!

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Difficulty in breastfeeding is a hurdle that many new moms struggle with. Personally, I breastfeed and bottle feed pumped milk. [ad]

In some cases, there are moms who decide right off to bottle feed pumped milk. In many cases, the struggle is such a challenge that many end up switching to formula just to ensure their little ones are getting the nutrition they need ... and you know what, either decision is OKAY.

Struggling to find the most natural way to bottle feed your little one? Make sure to check out my latest post on the blog featuring the new #PhilipsAvent Natural Bottle, its unique anti-colic Airflex vent technology was designed to reduce colic and discomfort! ✨👶🏽🍼

❝ Ready to Style in 30 Seconds ❞
As you all know, I love to dye, bleach, and highlight my hair. So I carefully choose my hair tools to style my hair. With @PanasonicBeauty EH-HS99-K nanoe™ Flat Iron and Styling Iron I can achieve sleek, shiny hair effortlessly! I can easily switch it up from straight to curly, then curly to straight. 🙌🏻💯 All that and more, without the damage!

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What better way to enjoy the winter season than staying in and relaxing. [ad]

Did you know that our body recovers itself while we sleep? With @LeesaSleep we get to sleep better, get proper rest, and a good night sleep.

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Being a military wife clearly shaped me to stay on my toes. Not a moment or time wasted. 💕 [ad]

Behind the storm is an excited mama waiting for warmer days ahead filled with lots of sunshine, smiles, and music festival!~ 🎶 Getting snowed in is the perfect time to round up my must-haves which you can read on the blog. ✨🙌🏻 Hitting two birds in one stone ... after all, this busy mama have to prepare ahead of time. 💯

This mama is acing her way through motherhood. Just because we’re busy multitasking doesn’t mean we can’t have some time to unwind, relax, and enjoy some outdoor music! @babbleboxxofficial #FestivalFabBBxx

Bubble Bath 🛀 for this sweet lil’ munchkin 💕✨👶🏽 time literally flies ... our baby boy @JosiahKingBethea is almost 4 months old!~ ❤️🙌🏻💯 #josiahkingbethea #blasianbaby

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