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Fancy the latest in tech? Then you definitely need to watch this video! See for yourself how a smart speaker and sound bar fits into our day to day activities. #ad

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Life after welcoming a newborn can be challenging. Find out on the blog what to expect in the Fourth Trimester and what can you do to ❝ Help Yourself and Your Baby Make a Peaceful Transition ❞ from Womb to World! 🤱✨💗 details here » http://www.angelaricardo.com/fourth-trimester-womb-to-world/ @BabbleBoxx #PinkAndBlueBBxx #ad

❝ I did not lose myself when I became a mother. I discovered a new appreciation, perspective and outlook in life. My post-baby body is beautiful not because of it’s size, weight, or shape, but because of the child that came from it.

There’s nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfections.

Always be yourself. Never try to hide who you are. the only shame is to have shame. Always stand up for what you believe in. Always question what other people tell you.
Never regret the past … it’s a waste of time. There’s a reason for everything; every mistake, every moment of weakness, every terrible thing that has happened to you. Grow from it.
When people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone, who leaves you, and it doesn’t mean they are bad people ... it just means that their part in your story is over.
The only way you can ever get the respect of others is when you show them that you respect yourself, and most importantly, do your thing and never apologize for being you. ❞
Like everyone else, I too have a story to tell. Are you going through postpartum depression? Do you need some insights about infertility and IVF? How about dealing with deployment and everything in between? I got you! Follow along my updates and get to know me as well as our beautiful family on the blog! » www.angelaricardo.com

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Ready to multitask? As a new mama, having the @madebygoogle Pixelbook is an absolute game changer! Switching between mommy mode & being a blogger is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ... GO! 🙌🏻✨👶🏽 #blogher18 @blogher @bestbuy @BestBuyBloggers #madebygoogle

Knock, Knock! If this @LGUSA instaview refrigerator is ours, I’d love to see fruits, veggies, yogurt, almond and soy milk ... plus everything else that promotes healthy living.

How about you? What would you like to see?

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Need a boost in your workout? Time to bring home the big guns!Treat yo’self to a @jaybirdsport Run Wireless Headphones with 4 hours playtime + 8 hours charge case! Did I mention it is sweat & dirt proof too? yep.
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Good skin is the start of any great look. That’s it’s so important to take proper care of your skin to get it to the best appearance that it can be. #AD

How often are you using SPF? Is it part of your daily routine, or do you often skip it? With the warmer weather and more time spent in the sun, it’s more important than ever to incorporate it into your routine! See how @Olay Total Effects Whip with SPF 25 makes it easier than ever to incorporate SPF into your skin care routine!

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For a while I’ve been making an excuse for my eating habits. I wanted to find a middle ground between my love for food and also being healthy. I am tired of the excuses and I owe myself enough to keep trying. As long as I keep pushing eventually I will get a grasp on things and learn to have better self control.

Like most people, I eat when I am bored, sad or stressed, and those emotions can run wild on certain days. I also have triggers that tend to make me overeat. I have been telling myself for a while now that once my breastfeeding journey with Josiah King ends, I will take charge and start eating healthier. Lately however, I’ve decided that instead of waiting until later I’m going to start easing myself to a healthy lifestyle by making the right choices. So I will try my best to eat when I'm hungry, not when I'm feeling emotional.

Who loves pretty food? I am quite attracted with açaí bowls and very much in love with avocado toast. I think I can eat these everyday now. Any suggestions of what I should try next? 🤔

This mama is super excited!!! Wanna know why? Because I just discovered the next best approach to drying and styling my hair WITHOUT any damage. #ad

Getting my hair to look this fabulous has never been this easy ... all thanks to @panasonicbeauty EH-NA65-K hair dryer. 👸🏻✨🙌🏻 Even more, this infuses moisture to each strand using their patented nanoe™ technology to deliver hair with moisture, help enhance shine and smoothness. I’m absolutely in love —with this device and my hair.

When it comes to technology and innovative gadgets, everything is designed BUT very few things are designed well. I am glad this device is one of the exemplary ones that truly delivers.

On your next @Target run, don’t forget to treat yo’self with one! #PanasonicBeauty #HydratedSummerHair

My oh my, look how far tech innovation has taken us! Do you remember how bulky portable hard drives were a few years back? In fact, about 5 years ago I just bought hubby one and mind you it is bulky and a bit heavy. I honestly didn’t mind as he had one 8 years ago that was 3x bigger!!! There I was thinking it was already an amazing find. Until NOW.

What you’re seeing is @Sandisk Extreme 1TB Portable Solid-State Drive ... in compact, lightweight design. Believe it or not it only weighs 2.7 ounces!!! 😱😱😱 IKR?! Crazy. Even more, this beauty is water and dust resistant. It can literally stand up to rain, splashes, spills and dust. YASSSSSS!

Oh, and let’s not forget that its rugged design offers shock resistant solid-state core. You can rely on its performance and even edit photos on the go.

So if you’re like me who can’t stop taking photos of your precious bundle of joy (or the whole family), a blogger, or even a photography enthusiast I highly recommend grabbing one (or more!) #SandiskExtreme at your local @BestBuy to keep your cherished memories safe. #Sandisk #BestBuyInspire #bestbuy #ad

Proud mama to this adorable little munchkin! You’re doing big things and you’re only 8 and half months old. ♥️♥️♥️ #lovecarters

🏡👪 Home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love. As life takes us to unexpected places, LOVE at the end of the day will always bring us home. #ad

As a military wife, I personally experienced having to move very often. From one country to another in short notice. Just when I finally get to established a decor and look that I would call “home” it’s time to go again. Having to start all over when it comes to decorating our home is really annoying in my honest opinion. Thankfully @cortfurniture has our back. I can now rest easy and simply pick out the furniture we need and rent it for as long as we need.

Just as easy as 1, 2, & 3 ... I can switch things out anytime I feel like it. Seasonal decor? You got it! It’s like having your own interior decorator minus the cost. Need more info? Head over on the blog to get the deets! #CortAtHome

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