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1st korean drama fan account  inactive/hiatus

Hello everyone!

I'm so sorry for being so inactive these last months. I had a lot going on in my life and really didn't have time to watch/post korean dramas. Tbh, I might remain inactive for a while. I have a lot I need to focus on in my life right now so my account is going to be on pause for a while. Feel free to unfollow or stay a follower. Thank you all so much for your support and making me so happy to be an admin for this account for so many years. I still remember when I was the only korean drama fan page on ig and now the fandom had grown and there's so many amazing accounts! Thank you so much again.

I also wanted to let you all know that I actually will be studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea this fall for 4 months! I'm so excited and I can't wait to share with you all my experience in Korea!

《Marriage Contract | ep 16》
when ha-joon tells hye-soo she's pretty even without makeup

they were so cute in this scene!
so I just finished this drama and it's was amazing! the chemistry between the actors was on point and so were the actors! i just wish they ended it a bit differently. it was kind of a simple ending when I was expecting something more dramatic but it was still really good! I highly recommend this to! uee is one of my favorite actresses and this drama made me love her even more!

《Page Turner | ep 2》
when cha-sik becomes yoo-seul's helper

omg I'm going to the BAP concert on Sunday in LA and I'm praying to God I win a high touch! everyone please pray that I get it! I would be so happy that my hand gets to touch theirs lol

《Page Turner | ep 2》
when yoo-seul tells cha-sik that she wants to buy him something because she doesn't want to feel indebted to him

omg his smile 😍😍

《Moorim School | ep 16》
wang chi-ang & seon-ah

i really liked the ending of this drama. i heard people thought the ending was really bad but i love the way it ended and didn't think it ended all of a sudden! plus this couple ending up together in the end is 😍😍

《Marriage Contract | ep 10》
when ji-hoon tells hye-soo that the kiss wasn't a mistake for him and wants to be in a relationship with her

i love this drama so much! i ship them so much and the age gap doesn't even bother me at all!

《Shining Inheritance | ep 28》
when eun-sung tells woo-hwan that she loves him

this was my first lee seung-gi drama! i fell in love with him from the start!

《Page Turner | ep 2》
when yoo-seul picks cha-sik to be her guide

omg the chemistry these to have in this episode is amazing! jisoo obviously never disappoints and kim so-hyun is amazing as ever with their acting!

《You're Beautiful | ep 13》
when anjel makes nasty spaghetti for hee-yi, but she tells go mi-nam to eat it. jeremy then offers to eat it himself to save go mi-nam

omg jeremy is so cute! their face reactions to her offering to eat it!

《Marriage Contract | ep 9》
when hye-soo and eun-sung dress up as cats to make ji-hoon's mom happy

oh gosh the way he looked at her all happy! 😱😱 I'm dying! this ep was so good! this drama is literally the only reason I look forward to the weekend! it's getting so good! I wonder how he's going to find out she has a tumor omg

《Page Turner | ep 1》
when yoo-seul tries to commit suicide from the room but cha-sik saves her by taking her to a parking lot instead

i want to fall into his arms omg

《Coffee Prince | ep 17》
when eun-chan & han-gyeol spend their last days together before she goes to study in italy

i love how he's so obsessed with her and doesn't want her to leave him lol

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