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Shay  In my own lane...God is the driver 🙏🏽🙌🏽

Missing my oldest baby girl. I can't say the past few weeks have been easy. Going from talking/texting every day...and you getting aggy b/c I'm asking you 50 million questions lol...To awaiting a letter daily in the mail. I'm so proud of you and what you're about to accomplish. I know our next encounter will be emotional but well worth it. 🙏🏾 for you daily...Continue to be the strong young woman you are...You've got this!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️💞✈️ 3...2...1

Happy Birthday Kayla!! @kaylameshal

...To my beautiful daughter turning 18. I never thought time would go by so fast. I love you unconditionally & I have been blessed to be your mother...No it hasn't always been easy but I do have a few things to say to you on the day before you become an official adult.
1. Put God first and everything else will fall into place.
2. Love yourself.
3. Be prepared.
4. Some girls/women are just mean. Chin up baby girl — keep walking.
5. If you find a REAL friend, keep hold no matter how far apart you are.
6. Stuff WILL NOT make you happy.
7. Don’t judge anyone, but expect to be judged. Again I say, chin up.
8. Not every problem is the end of the world.
9. Pick your battles, its not all worth fighting about.
10. Don’t compare yourself to others, there will never be another like you.
11. No matter how much you love someone, don’t lose yourself.
12. Speak up — find your voice and use it!
13. Learn the word “NO,” and don’t be afraid to use it without guilt.
14. You get to write your own story, fill the pages with happiness.
15. Don’t ever chase a man, the right one will find you!!!
16. Learn how to accept compliments graciously.
17. ALWAYS BE HONEST! The truth only hurts if it’s supposed to.
18. Learn how to be happy in your own skin and be content alone.
19. Never be afraid to share anything you feel passionately about.
20. Its OK to disagree but refer to #9.
21. Read everything you can get your hands on. Knowledge is power.
22. Believe in yourself!!
24. Always stand up for yourself. ALWAYS!
25. Don’t be afraid to fail. That’s how you learn.
26. Never electronically send ANYTHING you wouldn't want printed on the front page of the newspaper. Even if you delete it, it can still be found.
27. Serve others unconditionally, good deeds bring happiness.
28. Be gracious, gratitude reveals character.
29. Always trust your gut instinct. ALWAYS!
30. Be nice!
31. Your actions will define you, not your words.
32. Don’t swallow your feelings, find a way to let them out safely.
33. Seek beauty in all things.
35. Stay in contact w/ the people who love you.
36. Always walk with your head up. Confidence is Fierce!

#Happy Saturday 👋🏾

#minime #dimples ❤️😍😘

Happy 1st Birthday to this Lil' Ray of ☀️ Princess Milan. I watched you come into this world and when I held you, you smiled, showing your little dimples...A true blessing...Auntie Shay ❤️s you boo! #MissPersonality #Smart #1yrsold #babygirl #curlykids #ootd

Happy Birthday to this ray of ☀️. No matter what we've been through...we've always been there for each other. We've watched each other grow and it's a blessing to call her my friend. No amount of years can be placed on a true valued friendship. Love you @iamkaleena enjoy your day beautiful 💖🎂💄❤️😘

Beauty, Brains & Good Manners... Goes a long way! #honorroll #perfectattendance

#mytwin ...1 of 3 👯...❤️💖 #twins ... Oldest babygirl

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