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K H O L O U D ;  S h o e F r e a k 👠 Snapchat ➖ Officialkoodiz 📧 Koodiz@medionas.com

‏آحدن بشوش الوجه لا آقبلت هلّل . .
و احدن عبوس الوجه ، يمرضك شوفه 🍃!

For the love of chocolate 👅 @zlaymounqatar

‏إذا لم تغامر . .
‏من أجل شيء تحبه ؛ فاصمت إذا خسرته 💎

Good or bad, just smile ;
You have a lot to be thankful for 💜

"ماحب الي عليه الناس ملتمه ✨"
Bisht by @melamode 🌙
Those friends who always supports you @95xh_ @faa__974 - Thank you guys 💛

M o r n i n g ☕️

‏القوة الحقيقيه . .
‏أن تعفو وأنت قادر على الإنتقام !
The real strength is ;
to forgive when you have the power to revenge!

Besides that the food is so delicious ; the vibe in @zlaymounqatar is incredibly beautiful 💜
Make sure to visit them and try their Breakfast/Lunch menus . . Absolutely healthy and all grilled 👌🏽
أكلهم لذيذ و صحي و المكان يفتح النفس بصراحه 💜
صورت لكم ف سناب بعد ✨ Officialkoodiz

Metallic 💅🏽

Release your darkest fears 🌘
Snapchat : OfficialKoodiz ➖

We paint our souls and hang them on empty walls 🖤

Sometimes I'd like to be that happy girl who lives oblivious to the terror and heartbreak all around us ➖

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