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KONSTANTIN NOSKOS  ⬛️ Tattoo Artist ⬜️ Los Angeles, California ⬛️ By Appointment Only ⬜️ KonstantinTattoo@iCloud.com ⬛️ 323-251-1519 (text only)


« Now, if any of you sons of bitches got anything else to say, now's the факин time! » #killbill #hattorihanzo @irelandbasingerbaldwin 🖤

‘ all that peace, man, it felt so good it hurt. i want it to hurt back. ’ captured by @matt_banahan 📷

we get just what we want, and it alters
us ever after, neither better nor worse
but clearer, with different blood and face.” #portrait by @shelbylens

❚ ❘ ❙ ❙

sometimes thought exhausts me and
i long to wallow in the flesh,
but i do not.

the man opened his mouth to speak. small trout swam out, trailing impossible bubbles. #пленка 🎞 6X6

#пленка 📷 🎞 6Х6 Посреди небесных тел
Лик луны туманный:
Как он кругл и как он бел,
Точно блин с сметаной.
Кажду ночь она в лучах
Путь проходит млечный:
Видно, там, на небесах
Масленица вечно!

“The mind was dreaming. The world was its dream.” 🎞 снято на пленку 6Х6

🎼 @conradofficial

FeSO4·xH2O • Лев


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