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Просто дел

#20апреля #adolfhitler #hitler #20апреля #adolfhitler #hitler Once I got the courage to ask Hitler. "My Fuhrer, open your secret to me." Who are you, at last, really? " Hitler smiled and replied: "I am a Greek." He was referring to the "ancient Greek", a man possessing a classical value system, devoted to beauty, naturalness, the laws of spirit and harmony. He sincerely hated the modern world, both in his capitalist, liberal-cosmopolitan, and in his Marxist variants. He considered this material, technical, cynical civilization the top of ugliness and pathology. Often it is portrayed as a hysterical, psychotic, with trembling hands. This is all propaganda. He was an amazingly educated and charming man, polite, attentive, focused.

Расширяю сферу влияния!))

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