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Kong Performance  🚘 KONG Performance shop car = 1300+hp ZR1 🚘 🔪 LS9 / LT4 / LSA Supercharger Porting🔧 💻 GM Remote Tuning 💻 📬 Email: 👉🏻 KongPerform@gmail.com 📬

Proud to be working with @spence680 and tuning the car in person at the track this weekend. He got faster and faster with each pass until he broke the record for the quickest and fastest zr1 with stock heads and stock cam. 👍🏻

***9.123 @ 154.97***
This claims the record for fastest and quickest ZR1 on blower only. On another pass we did 156.X which is the new record for fastest blower only mph. We planned on spraying the car and gunning for 8s but had a potential issue with the nitrous fuel cell pump, so we didn’t want to risk it. Either way the day was a huge success! Thank you to all who were there that helped out! 👍🏻

Congrats to @spence680 for setting the record today with the fastest and quickest 1/4 mile pass in a ZR1 with bolt ons only. No nitrous. This car is a beast! Some key features of this build include:
•Kong race ported snout/blower
•Kong Intercooler expansion tank
•Kong modified bricks
•Kong remote tuned •2.35 GripTec pulley (stock lower)
•DSX Flex Sensor
•DSX Aux Pump •Synergy Intake •Boosted NW 102mm throttle

(swipe right for dyno sheet)
@ernielilliebridgejr has not only been a customer, but good friend to Kong Performance for a couple years now and we couldn’t be happier to work with people like him. .
Ernie was running our old stage 1 program from a couple years ago on his blower making a respectable 843rwhp, but has been itching for that 900rwhp without using nitrous for some time now.
With the great help of @speedincusa doing the wrenching and tuning on the car, we got the blower back in house at Kong Performance to update him to our latest race port on his LS9 supercharger. Ernie wanted 900rwhp and that was the goal, so we told him we’d make it happen, no questions asked.
Fast forward and the car made a whopping 916RWHP with a gain of +69rwhp. The only change was our race port and larger injectors. Initial tuning indicated that the updated port maxed his ID1050s, so ID1300s were installed. .
Getting these type of results and seeing the excitement of our customers reaching their goals is what drives us. .
Thanks again to @ernielilliebridgejr and @speedincusa

One of our bolt on customers out on the west coast lifting that front tire hard at the drag strip. Owner—-> @hammy_zr1 .
This car is utilizing our front mounted heat exchanger expansion tank with a Kong ported Supercharger.
There is nothing more rewarding than seeing and hearing about your customers having a blast with their vehicles. 😁👍🏻

LT4 103mm race port west coast bound for a 2017 Z06 customer. This customer took advantage of our LT4 core exchange. Zero down time. 👍🏻

One of our customers at Shift Sector last weekend! Looks sick on those beadlock welds!👍🏻
Owner: @hammy_zr1

Kong ZR1 making some noise 😬

Catch cans! Use them! This is the inside of a relatively low mileage ZR1 blower without a proper catch can setup. Oil cleaned off on the left to show the difference. You don’t want oil going through your intake and getting caked up in your heads. This will contaminate the combustion chamber which is no bueno!

Testing... Coming soon. 😉

Craig reached out to us for a recommendation for his ZR1. He wanted the best bang for the buck he could, while staying within a certain budget and maintaining reliability with a stock look. We pointed him toward our “Stage 1 Sleeper” package. The mods include the following:
•Kong ported LS9 Snout
•Kong Ported LS3 Throttle Body
•Kong Modded Intercooler Bricks
•Kong hidden expansion tank
•2.55 Griptech Pulley
•Drop in attack blue air filter
•Gutted cats
•Kong Custom Tune
With this package we were pleased to see over 100+RWHP gain and 100RWTQ gain from stock. The best part is this car still drives, feels, and looks completely stock.
Thank you Craig for choosing Kong Performance. This beast is headed back home to Chicago 👍🏻

Ivan flying in his ZR1, especially considering the elevation at over 6000ft, 7000+ DA still running low 10s! This car has has a Kong ported blower and was 100% tuned remotely us. Nice work Ivan! 👍🏻

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