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happy women's day
亲爱的女性盆友们 三八节快乐

chop chop! eat it!
happy lantern festival!

•̀.̫•́✧ Many years ago.....
He was a boy.....
他还是个小男孩。 😍😍😍😍😍 Such a cute boy!

Korn:Happy New Year again

Are you ready for fight?
年兽来袭 各位准备迎战

Happy New Year Everyone!
Best wishes!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Korn's first autobiography is coming!contact with
this Weibo account! This is the only official way to buy his book! It contains 52 HD exquisite pictures and 20,000 words of his feelings! If you buy it now, you will get his autograph (only now!) Don't be hesitate!
2015.2.12 就是要爱的疯狂 《楠楠自语-想你的一千零一夜》即将揭开面纱,52张高清精美照片,全精装印刷,2万字心里话,讲述一路走来的风雨历程,童话般的故事,献给追梦的你……孔垂楠个人写真唯一官方预定途径为微博账号@-想你的一千零一夜- ,鹏程映画账号不参与此次预售,请购书的小伙伴特别注意一下,以免出现差错影响预定哦~感谢大家对帅垂的支持与喜爱!

This clip is form PengCheng Motion - “Spend Spring Festival at Home MV” is available to watch on Youku now! www.youku.com
Tell us your thoughts now!

Dear our prince,
With all the love a heart can hold on your birthday. On this special occasion, we want you to know it is you who make our lives meaningful. Our loves for you are more than we can express. We are to share every day with you till the end of my life. Happy birthday!
The first ten second of this video is made by a Vietnamese fan @SEIREN_TVXQ. We want to say thank you to her. She took 647 photos to make this video. Also, we want to say sorry to her, Instagram only can upload 15 seconds video. If you want to watch the full video, please go to our forum. Or go to BILIBILI website. http://www.bilibili.com/video/av1970191/
Thank you Seiren, your video is amazing!
这段视频的前段部分是来自可爱的越南粉丝@SEIREN_TVXQ. 我们想对他说谢谢,这段视频用了647张照片。 同时,我们也想表达一下歉意,不能在INS上面上传完整的视频。如果你想看到全部的视频,可以去我们的论坛网站,或者去哔哩哔哩网站。http://www.bilibili.com/video/av1970191/
谢谢你Seiren, 这是很棒的视频。

(( ˃̶̤́ ॢ▿ ॢ˂̶̤̀ ))ˈ·✧
-Do I look like doge?-
pic frm:korn'weibo/孔垂楠微博

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