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子猫さん // K-Spec Stylie  ★ Body Positive ★ Negativity = 🚫 ★ PC Gamer ★ Foodie & crafts 🍻 Twitter @kspecstylie Art IG 👉🏼 @konekonoart


#tbt to seagulls on our route to Seattle on the ferry. ⛴🌬 @nicolascassara

#pnw #takemeback

I used to not dig how I look with 👓. But I've worn them everyday for so long now that I think I look weird without them. 🤔 Or, maybe it's part of the whole "I can tell that I'm aging now" perception that some feel when exiting they're 20's. I thought being 26 was crazy because that's when I "found myself" again, but being 30 this year is something else awkward for me. I don't really know how to fucking feel about myself...😶 I don't even know what I really mean by that statement either. I'm just being here, being me...doing what feels good for my soul. Just whatevs. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do my #Twitch streaming because my work schedule causes issues at times, especially in the summer. So I do apologize sincerely for those who follow (twitch.tv/kspecstylie) because I haven't been LIVE in over a month. Regardless, I hope you're all having a great summer so far! #dailygrind #workflow #selfie

And when you've had enough mead, take part in the village festivities! 🎊💃🏻💐🍷🎻 #bristolrenaissancefaire

@smokey_the_beard goofing around while we're chillin' by the cigar vendor. 😂😊😎 Having a blast so far! @hookedondonyx @nicolascassara #bristolrenaissancefaire

Surprise wedding shower at work for a colleague and her fiancé (who flew in for the surprise). 😊 Some of the FUN parts of being an Executive Assistant. 💁🏻 #workflow #dailygrind #corporatelife

It's supposedly #InternationalCatDay today. So here's our #JensonButtontheCat! 😻 I post more of him than Mittens because he's more photogenic and also, you'll never see him in person because he's a scaredy cat. Seriously, unless he becomes used to your "sound" and trusts you enough Jenson won't come out. As he was found as a stray baby in downtown Chicago, I can only imagine why. But when he does finally trust you and wants to cuddle, which seems to be quite often lately, Jenson is the sweetest. ❤️ All photos taken within the past week.

#furbabbies #catmom

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