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子猫さん // K-Spec Stylie  ★ Body Positive ★ Negativity = 🚫 ★ PC Gamer ★ Foodie & crafts 🍻 Twitter @kspecstylie Art IG 👉🏼 @konekonoart


Hahahahaaaaa yaaaasssss! SLAY, RYUKO! SLAY!!! #killlakill #memes #repost #twitter #shoutout

3 years ago and I still agree with my statement! Totally forgot this picture even happened. I love seeing my friends each year at #C2E2, some of whom I've met at my first and we meet each year at the same con. It's the one place where I can spit out nerdy gibberish and people will know wtf I'm even talking about. 😆🤓 It's also awesome to see so many @equilibriumusg bags each year there.
#throwbacktuesday #conlife #cosplayer #ryukomatoi #killlakill

My 4th #C2E2 is in the history books! Thanks to all of our new and old customers for stopping by, along with our friends and fam. See ya at the next con! @equilibriumusg #conlife #esqape #modularbags

Day 2 #C2E2 is donezo, but not feeling too well. May have caught the con sickness. 😷 At least I replaced my precious #nukacola hat that I lost. Soup and sleep. We'll see what tomorrow brings me... #oyasuminasai #goodnight

My kawaii photog @abmagsino / @aprildaysphoto and I at #C2E2 today! Doesn't she make a cute D.Va?! #overwatch #cosplay

#TFIF fam! I'm gonna hop on stream this evening for some Fallout 4 Friday Fun before taking off to @C2E2. You can follow me on Twitch or Twitter (@kspecstylie) for notifications!


Being a fuckin' idiot. #jensonbuttonthecat was rolling around being cute, photobombing my selfie as usual. It ain't about my weird face. "Fuck your selfie and pet me." 😼😸

HEY CHICAGO!!! I'll be at #C2E2 with @equilibriumusg this weekend working in THE BLOCK no. 455. Come say 👋🏼 if ya see me. I'll be in full zombie mode probably making trips for some @revbrewchicago 🍺.

Thanks for the #throwbackmemories @smokey_the_beard 😊 We went to Milwaukee for @hookedondonyx's birthday. I miss having those subtle color shades in my hair. Can you see it?

Thank you for a fun stream tonight, fam. Just what this kitten needed. Y'all funny. ☺️ Much love. Stay classy. I'll probably be on for more Skyrim tomorrow. ✌🏼#kspecstylie #konekosan #ijusttooktwoshotsofsake

LIVE in a few moments...Thank fuck it's Friday!


#twitchstreamer #pcgamer #TFIF

Yesterday #jensonbuttonthecat

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