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The Big Stepper  Loyalty #SniperGang #1800 Out Values Everything

Live from graveyard of the living dead, this shit getting short for me! So holla at me now, because when I come home I don’t want to hear nothing!

Ain’t No Party Like A Sniper Gang Party 👀 New Women’s @snipergangapparel Merch Available Now 🎉 Link In Bio 🎯

I just received my high school diploma today and although it is a big accomplishment for me I am yearning for more. I appreciate my teachers Mr. Williams and Mr. Ward for those times when I would get frustrated you worked diligently to make sure I had the right materials and was ready for this big day. Those Saturday classes and putting in over time studying paid of. Momma I know I’m late but I got it. #ThatsHowYouStep #CapAndGownPicsComingSoon

I know a few real ones that ain’t gone see their next birthday. #june11th #geminibaby

Fate, Chance and Circumstance causes everything to happen for a reason. With that being said ima just layback in the maybach and let the chips fall where they may. #stepper

It’s very seldom you reciprocate the same love that you dish out. Niggas rather show out with you, then to show up for you! With that being said “I Shook The Dirt-Off, So I Can Step Around ‘Em And Keep My Cleats Clean”. #PoundStepper

#WhenVulturesCry #HBK Go Listen To My Album (link in bio)

First and foremost I want to thank the lord for this blessing in disguise which was sending me back to jail January 18 2018 #1800 Second I want to thank the lord again for using my advocate Bradford Cohen ( @lawronin ) as an instrument to speak through him and work diligently on my behalf. I would also like to thank Brad for seeing me as more than a client and for looking out for me as one of his family members. Last but not least I would like to thank the judge Michael Lynch and the prosecutor Michelle Boutros for giving me a fair deliberation and not over looking me and judging as the media and the nay sayers set me out to be #1k #dietolive #HBK

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