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From the set of '2AM Lullaby' in Austin, Texas, which recently wrapped production. Shot on S16mm.

Director: @Schiavolin
DOP: @Brody_Carmichael
Producer: @teresaseale
Processing: Kodak Film Lab Atlanta
Scanning: Fotokem

#ShotOnFilm #s16mm

Up-coming singer/songwriter @sam_fender’s exuberant, adrenalinised anthems have intimate poignancy and forthright grit. To deliver the punch of truth, visual artist @jackwhitefield used Kodak S16mm film to create the music videos for Fender’s breakthrough videos. "Film is so tangible, and Sam’s songs are expressions about the freedom, the certainties and uncertainties of adolescence. Film provides the perfect connection to these feelings,” says Whitefield.

Read the full #InCamera interview at kodak.com/go/incamera (link in bio)

#ShotOnFilm #s16mm

“Spike and I work in a similar kind of way. I come from a family of jazz musicians and don’t see cinematography as a science experiment or a math problem. It’s more like a jam session. I try to bring lots of tools to the set and feel free to improvise on set. This way you can create a reaction that is unique. Spike really liked that. During production we would often have inspirational moments and come up with a new idea in the truck about the way to shoot a scene. Sometimes it was on the spur of the moment before we shot. That was really enjoyable.”

DP @chayseirvin on working with Director Spike Lee on @blackkklansman, which is in theaters today. Read about how it was shot using Kodak 35mm and 16mm film in the #InCamera interview with Chayse at motion.kodak.com (link in bio)

#ShotOnFilm #35mm #16mm
Photo by David Lee. © 2018 Focus Features LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Behind the scenes images from the Hundred Acre Wood for Disney’s #ChristopherRobin, directed by Marc Forster. DP @koenigswieser joins us this week for Episode 102 of #TheKodakery podcast and talks about how the film was made and how they used 65mm and 35mm in conjunction with digital and CGI.

Listen and subscribe at kodak.com/go/kodakery
(link in bio)

#TheKodakery #ShotOnFilm #65mm #35mm
Images courtesy of Matthias Königswieser

“Overall, Marc and I both envisaged a textured, naturalistic and grounded look, very poetic and playing on a nostalgic level. We especially wanted to make nature, and the forest scenes, tangible to the audience. We wanted people to feel the magical sensations of the morning dew, the wind, the shadow play of the sunshine filtering through the canopy of the trees – although we didn’t want to over-light or over-treat the images. However, when you are shooting in the elements, capturing nature, especially green, digital is a very different story to shooting on film. With celluloid, the presence of nature, the subtlety of color, are so much more real, organic and true than you can get from digital in its current form."

Read the full #InCamera article with #ChristopherRobin DP @koenigswieser at kodak.com/go/incamera
(link in bio)

#ShotOnFilm #65mm #35mm
Photo Credit: Laurie Sparham. © 2018 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Shot on 35mm 2-perf film, “WITHIN” is a self-funded and deeply personal project for the director trio @crownsandowls.

“‘WITHIN’ is an ode to our myriad of collective experiences with mental health - an attempt of visually conveying the spectrum of sensations we’ve felt during the navigation of our individual conditions. The project was created as a donation to @mindcharity. Organisations like MIND provide essential mental health services for people in the UK. The project features our long time collaborator, friend and fervent supporter of MIND Charity; Dennis Okwera.”

Watch the short film at https://vimeo.com/280527814

Writer, Director & Editor - @crownsandowls
Starring - @dennisokwera, @nicoleharveyuk
Director of Photography - @adambarnettdop
Sound Design - @wavestudios_
Music - @smallpressmusic
1st AC - @pjheron
Voiceover - @danblakevoice
Colourist - @jonnytully
VFX: @smokeandmirrorsglobal
Post Producer: Hannah Whitehall & Emma Shuter

#ShotOnFilm #35mm

DP @koenigswieser used 35mm and 65mm to bring The Hundred Acre Wood to life in Disney’s #ChristopherRobin – in theaters today. Directed by Marc Forster.

#ShotOnFilm #65mm #35mm
Images courtesy of @koenigswieser

"The knock-on is that many of the younger generation of directors I work with are eager to try film for the first time, which is great, although their producers might not always be of like mind. So with a view to breaking down barriers, I constantly try to show them how readily accessible, easy and fast film production can be, and that the ultimate reward is a unique, distinctive aesthetic that only film can provide.”

Paris-based DP @zackspiger is living the celluloid dream, and wants more people to do the same. Read more about his story and the work that he has shot on film in our latest #InCamera at kodak.com/go/incamera (link in bio)


Filmmakers @jose_tm and @dip.lee recently shot Super 16mm (7213) and B&W Super8 (7266) on "Recomeçar" from one of Brazil's leading new voices in music @timbernardes

The Law of Jante — an explosive dance film about not compromising who you truly are. Shot on 16mm 500T. Featuring the amazingly talented vogue dancers Fredrik Xtravaganza, Anna Ninja, Bianca Ninja and Aviance Yamamoto. Watch the film at https://vimeo.com/278341070

Director: @MaceoFrost
DP: @tmlorntzn
Color: @NickeJacobsson
Produced by @BWGTBLD and Tarot

#ShotOnFilm #16mm

"I knew we would have some long scenes, when the action moves from bright, sunlit streets into shadowy alleyways, with the angle of the sun constantly changing. The 50D gave me the latitude I needed for these shots and delivered a level of detail in the highlights and shadows that I have not yet seen in digital.

The aim was to get really close to the action, plus Tom wanted to play out scenes, and for the results to not get too cutty. So the camera positions and movements were designed, as much as possible, around shooting action sequences as long takes."

Mission: Impossible – Fallout, directed by @christophermcquarrie and starring @tomcruise, opens in theaters today. Read the full #InCamera with @MissionImpossible - Fallout DP @rdhardy BSC at kodak.com/go/incamera (link in bio)

#ShotOnFilm #35mm
Copyright: © 2018 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved.

NYU student filmmaker @gill.hen says she “fell in love with film” this summer. Gill attended a 35mm Filmmaking Summer Course at FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) and told us more about her experience:

“During the application process for this program, we were divided into two groups: directors and cinematographers. We work in teams of 2, one DP for every one director (to create a 5-7 minute short). I chose to be a DP because I thought it would be such an amazing opportunity to study motion film photography so intimately with the medium.

From exposing grey cards to conducting gate checks, we were completely in charge of the technical side of the image capturing process. After this summer, I can honestly say that I have developed so much more of an appreciation for shooting film because of how precise and creative this process can be. And because this was my very first time shooting a motion picture on celluloid, I was so overjoyed to see what would come back from the lab.

The raw images themselves were absolutely beautiful, and have encouraged me to use super 16mm film for my experimental filmmaking class next semester at NYU. I am so grateful that Kodak continues to make film accessible, because I truly fell in love with it during this summer.”


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