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Paddling around the ocean chatting with my boy.
Life don't get much better than this. 18 months old and loving the ocean and everything in it.

@brock.little @bruceirons @barcalive
I was Invited to the Eddie Aikau Big Wave contest at Waimea Bay in Hawaii, Seeing that letter in the mail was Probably the best day of my Life back then when all that mattered to me was surfing. Turning up to Waimea and standing with my best mates and chatting was huge for me as a kid. My only idol ever was Brock Little and he stood beside me and made me so proud. To me Brock was God. Still is. The only surfer I ever thought was cool at everything and anything. 1 year on and I miss him the same. Love you Brock and everything you done for me.
I called him dad once and he wanted to legit beat me up Hahahahahahah

My 1 and half year old boy Makua claps himself when he surfs!! He been surfing and paddle boarding since he was 5 months old and loves it.
It's all about the simple things!
@hola_mia we have done so good he is an angel in every way thank u I love u to much!
@michchandler thanks for the amazing photo xx

Get Um Ku.
Merry Xmas everyone.

How High. @bruceirons

SO PROUD OF YOU SABRE YOU WETE AWESOME!!! Congrats little one!! Stoked for u and the Fam BIGGY IS NEXT!! That will be AMAZING ALSO! @sabrenorris @biggynorris YEWWWW

I sat with My Little Brother and Tow Partner in Australia @jessepolock before the #redbullcapefear contest and run him through what waves to go. I told him just go the smaller ones and the medium waves as the big ones have to much water on the face and a lot of back wash and boils everywhere. I told him the big ones are too hard to make and are far from rideable. He took all that info in and I was happy with our talk. So @jugjugheadhead got the first wave of the heat and it was a big one! As soon as I seen that I knew our talk went out the window! Next thing I see is @jessepolock on the biggest thickest ugliest swell of the morning!! That talk fell on deaf ears and pride took over! 15 mins later and one of the heaviest wipeouts of the day and 6 huge 15ft double ups on the head and Jesse was back out there!! Awesome event and even better stories to go with it! A picture book with stories from that day would be amazing @surfingworld #redbullcapefear #jessepollock #kobyabberton #OURS

Teach your Kids to Love Black and White and all Religions the same with Love and Respect . Not bodyboarders tho ;) #randomtaxidriverwantedAhug

I will teach my boy all I know.
First to Love his mum @hola_mia second to Love the Ocean.


Get off the couch.
Get outside and check out the moon and the night in all its prime. I promise u what's going on outside is better than anything on TV and Instagram.
Get Busy Living.

November 2 2010 was one of the hardest days of my Life and I have had some hard ones. RIP Andy, Not a day goes by without me thinking of you. #AI #BROCKLITTLE #MYHEROS #BESTMATES #MCD @bruceirons love you my brother. Always