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Seems like me and my son started the week the same way

Join us for a night of mystery and masquerade at Sound on Halloween with The Mask Of Rhonda: Guy Gerber, Heidi Lawden & Lovefingers @guygerber @rhondaintl @heidilawden @lovefingers @sound_nightclub #soundnightclub #halloween

The hills are on fire πŸ”₯ :-/

WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!

Wowza πŸ’₯

September πŸ’₯

New toys 🌐

For those of us who'd like to catch up to the rest of the world (and not be stuck living in a city whose liquor laws were made 100 years ago!), please click the petition link posted in my bio. Your signature will show your support of a new law that will modernize California's alcohol service laws, and bring us into the modern era.

Don't forget to wash your equipment really good before you get to burning man!!

Excuse me sir, are you going to burning man?

Please tag the guy Who is ALWAYS correcting you

Today Zion's first day of school 😭

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