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Knuckles  🐕 Border collie puppy 👶 Born March 26th, 2017 🐾 Exploring in Tokyo! 👩🏻 @skwishum 👨🏼 @drufball

I’m loving this new dog carrier we got for long bike rides! 🚲❤️

Having nice puppy dreams 😌

Studying Japanese this morning! It’s hard to understand hoomans in this new country

Daily commute 🚲

Villain: Give me what I want or I’ll shoot this dog!
Detective Knuckles: That’s what you think—*kickpunchbite*
Villain: Aghhhhhhhhh! I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you kids and your stupid dog! #scoobydoo #weekendfun

Dat stinkeye when your humans don’t let you bark at the neighbors

Typhoon? More like TOO FUN 🌪

If I hide here, my humans can’t see me so I don’t have to go home 🌱🌿🐶🌿🌱

Y u do dis

This came off of MY body???!

The rug just got vacuumed so I gotta cover it in fur again 🙃

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the Knuckles is hot tonight

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