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#realcalisthenics #repsandsets  The OG #repsandsets account is back! #RealCalisthenics and it’s athletes is who I support. 415 Bay Area, Cali 👉🏽@realcalisthenics @knoxxfitbrz_👈🏽


One of the true #repsandsets #calisthenics athletes that competed in our NO GUTS NO GLORY #elitecalisthenicscompetition on Oct/2017 w/ approx 40 competitors all going at it. Follow a real calisthenics competitor for more motivation @next.level_fitness
#repsandsets #calisthenics #knoxxfitbrz @knoxxfitbrz @realcalisthenics
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I always been a huge fan of rope climbing, so when @knoxxfitbrz competition I realized I could pull again. The rope workout didn't scare me at all 😎. (the only one I was confident about lol)

The #barbarians 5md (50pullups 100pushups) really separated the elite and intermediate athletes. As a true #repsandsets #calisthenics competitor @vicent444 had no issue competing in our #elitecalisthenicscompetition. #championstrainloserscomplain #knoxxfitbrz @knoxxfitbrz_ @realcalisthenics Repost via @vicent444 - w/ @repostwhiz app:
First Competition. Thank You to my Girlfriend and Team Rancho for coming out and supporting me through my first competition and for competing side by side with me. Even though I didn’t win I am grateful to have a chance to meet and compete with some of the best competitors in this sport. #️⃣teamrancho Full video will be posted on my YouTube channel at Vincent Do

A true competitor here @estrella_rge who competed in our NO GUTS NO GLORY #elitecalisthenicscompetition he Justin some #pistolsquats like it’s nothing, this was the 4th workout of our calisthenics comp. #repsandsets #calisthenics #knoxxfitbrz @knoxxfitbrz_ @realcalisthenics Repost via @estrella_rge - w/ @repostwhiz app:
S/o @metersf @knoxxfitbrz_ @thebarathletics100 & @icewaterfilm for puttin together / hosting a dope ass event. 1st time Competing in a Calisthenics comp & being 1 Muscle Up away fr placing 3rd & gettin that hardware had me pissed the fuck the fuck off at myself for not goin harder. But I’m gon take that on the chin & bounce right back. S/o to all the competitors fr all over & goin hard it was real dope experience. Big S/o to the sensei @handlebarz_36 for puttin me on & congrats to the homie @wolf_vision gettin that big boy trophy Y’all some real beasts! Thank u to the #Barbarians @therealzakeveli @mrtuface @jayplanche @snoopfam_fam1st for comin all the way fr NYC & Supporting #️⃣NoGutsNoGlory #️⃣EliteCalisthenicCompetition

A dope clip and another great positive experience from a true #repsandsets #calisthenics competitor @aberrantbreed who participated in our #elitecalisthenicscompetition w/o you and all the other competitors, a great comp would have never happened. Respect to all of you that came to support, compete, judged, hosted, food vendors, @djajaxsf and the Bar Athletics. #repsandsets #calisthenics #knoxxfitbrz @knoxxfitbrz_ @realcalisthenics Repost via @aberrantbreed - w/ repostwhiz app:
Some footage from the Elite Calisthenics Competition NO GUTS NO GLORY. Much Respect to @knoxxfitbrz @metersf @icewaterfilm for putting together a dope competition. It was very challenging and fun. Definitely a game changer💯. It was an honor to compete with so many beast athletes.
Nothing but love and positive vibes from everyone and the teams @_killasthenics_ @coraesthetics_209 @barbrothersofficial that competed, judge and spectated.
Much love and respect to the living legend @therealzakaveli and the @therealbarbarians for coming out to the West Coast to show support for this competition. Thanks for all the inspiration, knowledge and wisdom that you share on social media @therealzakaveli Nothing but love and respect from the team @lvbarstarzz and myself💯
#barstarzz #lvbarstarzz

A true calisthenics competitor @nique__lvbarstarzz Of #lvbarstarzz who competed in our #elitecalisthenicscompetition Which he was 1 of approx 40 competitors competing in #repsandsets #calisthenics. Support those that support you and have the same vision as you. #realcalisthenics #knoxxfitbrz @knoxxfitbrz_ @realcalisthenics Repost via @nique__lvbarstarzz - w/ @repostwhiz app:
Repost @uflpro (@get_repost)
・・・ 71 reps in 1 min. Definitely need to step my endurance game up! Big thanks to @uflpro for this challenge keep motivating&inspiring!I highly encourage y’all to try these challenges! Rules are hella simple chest touches the bar&full lockout equals 1 rep.

Who's down for a 1min PushupChallenge

This is my @tuangt42r , Tuan Nguyen he is the 3rd place champion 🥉🏆 from our NO GUTS NO GLORY #elitecalisthenicscompetition which consisted of a ton of repsandsets as well as a full body workout. So may say they gonna take the podium from our champions, truth is that you gotta come to our calisthenics Comp and prove yourself and see where you fall in place while going up against a lot of monsters from the known to the unknown. Frisco Bay Area California! Come get some!! #repsandsets #calisthenics #knoxxfitbrz @knoxxfitbrz @realcalisthenics

My brother @handlebarz_36 is a true calisthenics competitor and is the 2nd place 🥈 champion 🏆 from our #elitecalisthenicscompetition that consisted of #repsandsets #calisthenics . He is proven to be the 2nd fittest calisthenics athlete by quantified numbers, if you think you got what it takes, come compete in our calisthenics competitions and see where you fall in line. If your not following my family and friend you can now show him some support for his motivation at #handlebarz36 @handlebarz_36 #knoxxfitbrz #bb4l . If you are interested in competing in our exclusive calisthenics competitions follow @knoxxfitbrz @realcalisthenics and tag 3 people who are interested in #realcalisthenics

My brother @1withevrth making tuff stuff look too easy. He is the overall winner of our #elitecalisthenicscompetition of #repsandsets #calisthenics held las Oct/2017 that had approx 40 athletes competing for a podium that has room for only 3 winners. let’s show him some support for his motivation @1withevrth 🥇🏆 #knoxxfitbrz @knoxxfitbrz @realcalisthenics Repost via @1withevrth - w/ @repostwhiz app:
Keep pushin, keep holdin on, keep focused. Everything is written already, jus stay on your path. Everything falls into place when the time is right. I wanna see you all win.⚡️🐺⚡️ #tonywolf #bb4l

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100 push-ups & 50 ring push-ups
#️⃣motivated by @alex_modi
Slowly getting back into after last wkend tattoo session - damn this humidity weather 😰
#brisbanebarstuds #barbarians

#repsandsets #calisthenics #knoxxfitbrz @knoxxfitbrz @realcalisthenics Repost via @alex_modi - w/ @repostwhiz app:
Day #️⃣40
5MD (5 minute drill - for those who hear it for the first time):
100 push ups + 50 Ring push ups
Let me know what was your time 😏
#️⃣goldwings #BB4L
“You can find inspiration from others but determination is solely your responsibility”

#repsandsets #calisthenics #knoxxfitbrz @knoxxfitbrz @realcalisthenics Repost via @danajstar - w/ @repostwhiz app:
3 easy exercises for the Pull up
1. Scapula Pull ups, make sure to have straight arm, tension the core and lift with the scapula 5-8 reps
2. Negative Pull ups, stand and something and get to chin level of the bar and Pull down slow and steady 3-6 reps
3. Australian Pull ups, do 4-8 reps
This well eventually help you gain strength to do the PULL UP, AYDE REEY

#repsandsets #calisthenics #knoxxfitbrz @knoxxfitbrz @knoxxfitbrz @realcalisthenics Repost via @will_mcs - w/ @repostwhiz app:
Struggle with ring pull-ups? Try these variarions. They will help you progress toward building pull-up strength and allow you to maximize ROM without the difficulty of traditional pull-ups. #pullups #gymnasticrings

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