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I know sometimes we beat ourselves up and even put ourselves in situations as if we’ve forgotten how loved we are by God.

He isn’t expecting perfection. He desires a heart that loves Him and loves His people.
He made you into a beautiful, loving and caring human being that was made to nurture, love and reach and comfort others.

Realize how valuable you are to Him, and yourself, and don’t put yourselves in the arms of any person that doesn’t see your worth, Love & heart. Also, ensure to love & treat others the same as He’s loved you. 💕❤️ ———- #christianinspiration #christian #christiandating #dating #relationshipadvice #christianadvice #healing #relationshipgoals #datingquotes #christiandatingadvice #knowyourworth #Godsbest #singleanddating

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Psalm 63:3 ““Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.” ‭➡️ #singlegirl #christiandating #christianinspiration #singleanddating #datingadvice

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