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Her Worth Is Far Above Rubies  Training up women of God to be clothed with strength, dignity, wisdom and fearlessness. ~ Prvbs 31:25 ~ Creator & Founder | @chloemgooden

From a Reader! Love you all!!! 😍😍😍 Marriage is NO JOKE!!——
“ About 3 years ago, I read a book written by @chloemgooden called "Single to Married" and my mind was blown! Seriously blown!!! In her book, she dives into how we as women are hungry for relationships, but there are some self reflections that we need to do to prepare ourselves for the role as wife or even at the girlfriend stage. Some of us are broken and damaged from previous relationship(s), childhood trauma; some of us will settle for anyone b/c we just can't be alone, etc. And this book really encourages readers to think about how ready are you for a relationship or marriage; but more specifically to get you to reflect on your walk with Christ as you prepare yourself for relationships" - LINK IN BIO 👆🏽 Scroll to “Books” —- #single #singlegirl #singlechristian

Ladies go to this article and read it!!!!!! Title and link name is on picture! Or you can click on link in bio 👆🏽 and go to “Her Worth Is Far Above Rubies” and click the Facebook link and you will see the clickable link on the page (will probably be easier however to look up!) - PLEASE READ AND SAVE YOURSELF - Recognize the signs!! #narcissist #abuse

Amen. Many times letting go is the best peace you will ever get! If you are struggling to move forward from a disruptive and destructive relationship, click link ☝🏾 in bio and scroll to “Rubies Healing & Letting Go”

“Stubborn Child: Relentless Father” ⬆️ Full Blog Post Link In Bio ⬆️ @chloemgooden ⬅️
"Many times, we wander off into areas where we were never intended to go. God reminded me of how frustrating it can be for Him when he is trying to direct me to a different location or place and I am persistent in my own pursuits. However, wherever you are, God will deliver you to your proper place." — #relentless #Godslove #grace #chloemgooden

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